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Doomsday was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio attempted to assassinate the ninth and last of Girolamo Savonarola's nine lieutenants, the preacher.


Doomsday 1

Citizens gathering near the preacher

Ezio approached the area close to the preacher, as he announced to the crowd gathered before him.

  • Preacher: People of Firenze! Come! Gather round. Listen well to what I say! The end approaches! Now is the time to repent! To beg God's forgiveness.

Ezio began to close in towards the preacher.

  • Preacher: Don't you see?! The SIGNS are all around us: Unrest! Famine! Disease! Corruption! These are the harbingers of DARKNESS! We must stand firm in our devotion lest they CONSUME US ALL! I see you doubt; that you think me mad. Ahhhh... but did the Romans not say the same of Gesù? (Jesus?) Know that I, too, once shared your uncertainty. Your fear. But that was before Savonarola came to me. He showed me the TRUTH! At last, my eyes were OPENED. And so I stand before you today in the hope that I might open yours as well! Understand that we teeter upon a precipice. On one side, the shining, glorious KINGDOM OF GOD. On the other - a bottomless pit of DESPAIR! Will you turn back to the Lord? Or will you cast yourself into DARKNESS?! Already you stand precariously on the edge... Men like the Medici - and the other families you once called MASTERS sought earthly goods and gains. They abandoned their beliefs in favor of material pleasures. And they would have seen you all do the same! Our wise prophet once said: "The only good thing that we owe to Plato and Aristotle is that they brought forward many arguments which we can use against the heretics. Yet they and other philosophers are now in hell." If you value your immortal souls you'll turn back from this unholy course and embrace the words of our prophet, Savonarola. You will sanctify your bodies and spirits - you will discover the glory of God! You will, at last, become what our creator intended: loyal and obedient servants!

Ezio assassinated the preacher.

  • Ezio: Your mind... I sense it is your own.
  • Preacher: Not all of us required deception to be convinced. I already believed. All I said is true!
  • Ezio: Nothing is true. Non è un compito facile il mio... Requiescat in pace. (This is not an easy thing I do... Rest in peace.)


Upon assassinating the preacher, Savonarola's lieutenant revealed that he wasn't under the influence of the Apple of Eden. Following his death, there was one less lieutenant to be dispatched, and the Medici guards resumed control of the area.



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