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"Three company were marching at a steady pace, each one led by a drummer and a flag bearer. 150 men, three time our numbers. Privateers, ruffians and pirates excited by the smell of blood and gold. I came to meet them but was soon forced to reveal the locations of the wrecks..."
―Salmon in his journal, 1716.[src]

Don Francisco de Salmon was an Admiral in the Spanish Navy.

After the Spanish Treasure Fleet was wrecked off the coast of Florida in July 1715, Salmon was charged with salvaging the remains. In early 1716, the pirate Henry Jennings attacked Salmon's encampment with 150 men, outnumbering Salmon's force three to one. Jennings' men were divided into three companies, each led by a drummer and a flag bearer and marching at a steady pace.

As the Spanish troops were awoken by the sound of drums, they formed up ranks behind a sand embankment erected in defense of the camp. Salmon surrendered and spoke with the pirates. Despite attempting to bargain, he was forced to reveal the location of the wrecks.



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