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The Dominican Order is a Catholic order of preachers, founded in 1216 to oppose heresy and preach the Gospel.[1]


In 1246, after having a dream about white birds flying over the site, Venetian Doge Jacopo Tiepolo donated a plot of land to the Dominicans. It would later be the site for the church of San Giovanni e Paolo, one of the largest in Venice.[2]

In 1491, Dominican friar and Master Templar Tomás de Torquemada became the first Inquisitor General of Spain, presiding over the execution of many he deemed heretics, including the Assassins.[3][4][5] Many Dominicans allied with the Templars during the Inquisition, knowingly or not. Two examples were Torquemada's trusted lieutenant Ojeda, who was known to visit a Murcian chapter house to conduct business,[6] and a group of Dominican monks that were loyal to Inquisitor Gustavo Ramírez and who guarded the second piece of the Shattered Staff of Eden at the Monastery of St. Lucia for him.[7]