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Domination is an Animi training mode developed by Abstergo Industries' entertainment branch, which is included within the console stage of the Animus technology.

In Domination, two teams of up to four participants compete to capture and hold three areas, and protect them from their opposition. Each team starts next to a capturable area, while the third one requires an individual to reach it.

When captured, an area affects the progression of the Domination bar, located at the top of the Animus display. This bar begins at the center, and when one team takes up the whole of the bar, or possesses the largest stake after ten minutes, they are declared the victors.


To capture a territory, participants must make their way from their own territories to those possessed by their opposition. Once they enter enemy territory, dictated by a red barrier, any opposing player can kill them. In the heart of the enemies' territory is a small capture zone, and once an individual enters it, a meter displayed as a white circle will begin to fill up over the opposition's red one, denoting possession progress.

Naturally, as more participants enter the capture zone of their opposition's territory, the faster the circle fills. However, when a player enters the enemy team's capture point, the opposing team will be prompted to their attack.

On capturing a zone from the opposition, the territory is handed over, which inverts the roles and responsibilities that comes with it. As such, the capturing team are then required to defend the zone, and any enemy found inside the territory can be killed, including previous defenders. On capturing all three territories, the team responsible will fill up the Domination bar much faster, and also score points until one of their zones are stolen.

The only method of defending a territory is to kill any players within the capture zone, or through preventing them from entering it entirely. Whenever an enemy is present in a capture zone, being within it doesn't help to defend or slow down their possession progress. However, if a zone is left without reverting an enemy's possession progress after killing them, another member of their team can pick up from where they left off.