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"The Royal Staff is of no value to you, Assassin... it is a useless lump of gold, a mere bauble--"
―Dolinsky, during his interrogation, 1908.[src]
ACF dolinsky

Nikolai questioning Dolinsky

Dolinsky (unknown – 1908) was a Russian Templar, who was captured and interrogated by the Russian Assassins in 1908. He was violently questioned by Nikolai Orelov over the whereabouts of the Staff of Eden.

While Dolinsky refused to reveal any information at first, he relented once Nikolai threatened to reveal his infidelity to his family, as Dolinsky harbored a mistress carrying his bastard child. After he revealed what they needed to know - that the Staff was located at Tunguska - Dolinsky's throat was slit by Nikolai's fellow Assassins.




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