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The Dogs of the Lord were a group of Spaniards who served Grand Inquisitor and Master Templar Tomás de Torquemada in 15th-century Spain during the Reconquista.


Little is known about the Dogs of the Lord, other than that their numbers included both Inquisitors from the Dominican Order[1][2] and members of the Spanish Army,[3] and that they carried out orders directly from Torquemada without question[4] such that the group quickly gained a reputation for untold violence, particularly in the region of New Castile.[3]

One of these orders was the elimination of the de Heredia family in 1489 for refusing to back Torquemada's abuses of power, a massacre carried out by the joint leaders of Fort Alphonso, Commandant Duran and Executioner Pedrosa.[3] However, a surviving son of the de Heredia family, the former Knight Hospitalier Horacio de Heredia, soon heard of the tragedy[5] and allied with the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins to assault the fort and put an end to both his family's murderers.[3]

Another member of this group was the Inquisitor Gustavo Ramírez,[2] who aggressively followed Torquemada's edicts in Murcia by executing "heretics" through auto-da-fé,[6] while also aiding his quest to retrieve the Apple of Eden and the pieces of the Shattered Staff of Eden scattered around Spain.[2] Although the Assassins would later prevent Torquemada from claiming the Apple during Sultan Muhammad XII's surrender in 1492 following the Granada War,[7] Ramírez managed to retrieve two Staff pieces by way of his agent Diego de Alvarado, before being betrayed and murdered by the turncoat in 1491.[8]

That same year, the Spanish Assassins learned of another Inquisitor who was seizing resources from civilians for his own purposes, and taking any who refused his demands to burn under false charges of heresy. After narrowing his location to a city in Granada, the Assassins tracked him down and killed him.[1]

Known members

Behind the scenes

"Dogs of the Lord" (Domini canes in Latin) is a common pun for the Dominican Order, whose members are called dominicanes.[9]



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