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Char doctor

The Doctor

"In flagrant disregard of the Hippocratic Oath, he has assassinated more patients than he has saved, poisoned more targets than he has cured. No one has ever seen the real face of the Doctor... and he uses his deadly Syringe to make sure it stays that way."
―Description of the Doctor.

The Doctor (harvested from: Malfatto) was an Animi Avatar, used by Abstergo Industries to train the recruits in the first stage of their Animi Training Program. He used a syringe as his primary weapon.

His outfit highly resembled the ones worn by doctors during the plague, and appeared black in the dark. He wore a tricorn hat and his face was concealed by a mask, keeping his true identity secret. His attire was different from that of the standard doctor, most noticeably due to the slightly thinner beak on his mask.

Unique moves[]

The Doctor had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Front)

The Doctor casually walks towards his target, before thrusting his syringe into their neck, puncturing their jugular vein. After removing his syringe, his victim falls to the ground, dying from their wound and blood loss.

(Low Profile, Back)

The Doctor creeps up on his target from behind, before swiftly thrusting his syringe downward into their shoulder, puncturing their left lung or heart. While his victim is left to hurt from the sudden blow, the Doctor removes his syringe, leaving them to bleed internally, until they collapse to the ground and die silently.

(High Profile, Front)

The Doctor charges towards his target, forcing them helplessly onto their back, and then stabs his syringe through their eye and into their brain, causing instant death. He then twists his syringe and pulls it out of his victim, before storing it at his waist.

(High Profile, Back)

The Doctor rushes over to his target and stabs his syringe into their back, with the needle passing through their ribcage and piercing their heart. The tip of his syringe could be seen out of his victim's chest as their heart fails, before the Doctor removes his weapon and gently pushes their dead body to the floor.

(Bench Kill)

The Doctor walks in front of his seated target and viciously stabs his syringe into their neck, before they have the chance to react. He then brutally yanks out the needle of his weapon and throws his victim from the bench with force, with their body crashing into the ground.

(Aerial Kill)

The Doctor leaps from above a rooftop onto his target, before taking out his syringe and forcefully thrusting it into their neck. Finally, he pulls the needle of his syringe out of his victim's body and leaves them to die silently on the floor, as he stands up and stores his weapon away.


The Doctor could be customized in several ways:


  • Basic: Dark green robe and black cloth.
  • Extra 1: Burgundy robe and red cloth.
  • Extra 2: Tan robe and yellow cloth.
  • Extra 3: Black robe and white cloth.


  • Advanced: Metallic mask and added cloth at the sides of the mask.
  • Superior: Added black spaulders on both shoulders with red straps, along with added cloth as an extension to the belt pouches.
  • Elite: Added cloth tabard with a caduceus at the chest, red straps under the tabard, and a black and colored criss-cross pattern on the forearm area of the robes.