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Doctor's Pet was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Rumors of a mysterious doctor led Kassandra to teh Aliki Quarry, where she stumbled upon a troubling situation.


Kassandra departed for Thasos. Then, she reached Aliki Quarry in search for the Doctor.

  • Kassandra: These workers should know where to find the Doctor.

(Investigation Area)

  • Civilian #1: I don't know anything. Don't ask me anything.
  • Civilian #2: Go away! You're not the Doctor!
  • Civilian #3: No, we need the Doctor...

She finally talked to the right person.

  • Kassandra: What -
  • Solon: No, no. Please leave, we don't want any bother.

  • Kassandra: I'll do more than bother you if you don't answer my questions.
  • Solon: OK, OK. What questions do you have?

  • Kassandra: I don't want any trouble. I just want some answers.
  • Solon: To what...questions?

  • Kassandra: Your friend looks hurt.
  • Solon: He is very...sick. Mind fog took...took over. We need the Doctor.
  • Kassandra: I was told I would find the Doctor here.
  • Solon: The Doctor is gone. He's been captered...catured?
  • Kassandra: Captured?
  • Solon: Sorry, words are...tough. My memory, my mind is a fog...most days. Soon, I might become like him, if the Doctor doesn't return soon. Some men took the Doctor away towards the m...mines, north of here. He's been gone for a long time.

  • Kassandra: Did something happen to you? Something that brought you to the quarry?
  • Solon: I don't...remember. I just know that the Doctor saved us and cares for us here. But without the Doctor making the...medicine, it's i...impor...impar...Hard for us to get better on our own.

  • Kassandra: Tell me about the Doctor.
  • Solon: He's a good man. He makes the medicine and cures us from our...sickness.
  • Kassandra: You're cured-
  • Solon: The Doctor says it takes time. Which is why we...need him back, soon.

  • Kassandra: I'll look for him.
  • Solon: Bring...bring him back, please. They brought him north, towards the mines.
  • Quarry guard: Hey, step away from him, misthios.
  • Kassandra: This doesn't concern you.
  • Quarry guard: We'll see about that!

After killing the guards, Kassandra headed north for the mines, where the Doctor was being held captive.

  • Kassandra: There are more of these workers than I thought. And some are Neleus.

(Ikarus spotted the Doctor)

  • Kassandra: The Doctor should be there.

(Upon entering the cave)

  • Kassandra: With this much silver, they'd rival the Delian League's riches.
  • Kassandra: I think I'll find more than silver in here.

(Inside the cave)

  • Doctor: Hey, you! Get me out of here. Quickly!

(Upon freeing the Doctor)

  • Doctor: Follow me. I know their secret exit. Up here!

Kassandra escorted the Doctor out of the cave.

  • Doctor: Finally, I'm free! I knew they couldn't hold me for long!
  • Kassandra: No thanks needed.
  • Doctor: Yes, yes. Many thanks for saving me. But I must get back, my pets are waiting for me! Did they send you?

  • Kassandra: Indeed, your "pets" sent me.
  • Doctor: Bless my darlings! How are they? I knew they wouldn't forget me!

  • Kassandra: Not sure what pets you're talking about.
  • Doctor: No, no, my pets are not animals! They speak, although a little slowly.

  • Kassandra: You're referring to the workers at the quarry.
  • Doctor: Yes, yes, my pets! I care for them, feed them my medicine. And in turn, they help me with my research. I have a real bond with my pets. You look strong. Yes, yes. I can never have enough pets. You could join my family? It'll be a significant contribution to my research!

  • Kassandra: I won't be your test subject!
  • Doctor: How about post-mortem arrangements?
  • Kassandra: No.
  • Doctor: A great loss for research advancement. The medicine I make is quite delicious, you know.

  • Kassandra: Arrangements can be made.
  • Doctor: I knew you would be interested! Welcome to the family. Don't fret, my pet, I'll take good care of you. We'll have plenty of medicine to go around!

  • Kassandra: Tell me about this medicine.
  • Doctor: Ah, the medicine. I feed it to my pets when my special tonic produces...side effects. Sometimes, it's too strong.
  • Kassandra: Side effects like forgotten memories?
  • Doctor: Ah...yes, you know it. My pets... it's my fault, yes, yes.
  • Kassandra: Yet, you still feed them the tonic.
  • Doctor: I had no choice! I was forced to do it! But I will right my wrongs. I always right my wrongs, yes, yes.

  • Kassandra: The people who captured you, who were they?
  • Doctor: It was that fellow with the eyepatch! He was taking orders from this other bald man... They wanted my tonic and forced me to create more.
  • Kassandra: Maláka!
  • Doctor: I had no choice! They threatened to kill my pets!
  • Kassandra: Then they caged you.
  • Doctor: Well, they refused to let me return to my pets. So, I poisoned a few of them, yes, yes. No one can keep my away from my pets, yes, yes!

  • Kassandra: Your "pets" must have a history.
  • Doctor: I don't know and I don't need to know. I just know that I was made to feed them my tonic in a strange cave similar to this one. If it fails, I get to keep my pets and care for them.
  • Kassandra: This tonic must be special.
  • Doctor: Yes, yes! It makes my pets so strong! Ah but, like I said, the side effects can be rather dire...It was perhaps a miscalculation on my part. My poor pets.

  • Kassandra: I need the medicine you mentioned. Give it to me.

{If you chose "Not a chance " earlier}

  • Doctor: What? Whatever for? I am not obliged to. I will do no such thing, no, no!

  • Kassandra: Then you are useless to me. I should end your life and misdeeds here.
  • Doctor: No, no! No violence needed! I'll do as you say!

  • Kassandra: I need the medicine for someone I know. He's afflicted with the consequences of your tonic.
  • Doctor: What! It cannot be.
  • Kassandra: You wouldn't forsake a pet, would you?
  • Doctor: I cannot abandon my pets

{If you chose "It's possible" earlier

  • Doctor: But, my pet, why do you want it?
  • Kassandra: I need it for someone I know
  • Doctor: There are others afflicted by my tonic? It cannot be!
  • Kassandra: Just give me the medicine.


  • Doctor: I'm afraid it'll take time to make. Yes,yes. First, get rid of those malákes who kept me away from my pets! They're at the fortress just down the road.
  • Kassandra: I'll get rid of them. I expect the medicine in return.
  • Doctor: Yes, yes, it'll take time for me to gather the ingredients. You might want to take a look around Thasos City first. I heard that strange things are happening there, yes, yes.

(To herself)

  • Kassandra: The medicine could be helpful to Neleus. First, I should deal with the Doctor's captors.

Kassandra then travelled to Koinyra Fortress, to kill the Doctor's captors.

  • Kassandra: They won't bother the Doctor again..
  • Kassandra: That's taken care of. Now, the Doctor mentioned strange things happening in the city. I should look around.


Kassandra found and freed the doctor and killed the ones that terrorised him.


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