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Do Not Go Gently was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward sailed north to persuade Thatch into returning to the West Indies, but a sinister surprise awaited them.


Edward woke up on the Great Inagua.

  • Edward: Ahoy, Kidd. You missed quite a time.
  • Kidd: Aye. Pity about Nassau. And Blackbeard flying the coop.
  • Edward: Oh, we'll see about Thatch. Vane's off to see him now, and I'm following soon.
  • Kidd: This is what's left of your experiment in democracy?
  • Edward: Aye, we do as we please here. And take our time doing it.
  • Kidd: For Christ's sake, Edward. Don't anything but the stink of riches wrinkle your nose?
  • Edward: What's got into you, man?
  • Kidd: Reality, mate. Reality.

Kidd turned to Adéwalé.

  • Kidd: See that you ain't pulled into the drink by this drowning rat.
  • Edward: Oy! I've lived longer than most men who trod this path!

Edward boarded the Jackdaw and set sail for Ocracoke.

Edward and Thatch discussing the Sage

  • Vane: A great disappointment you are, Thatch! His mind's made up to stay, he says. So sod 'im! And hang all of you lot that follow this sorry bastard into obscurity!

Vane left.

  • Thatch: That man's a prick. I know you've come to call me home, Kenway. And your faith in me is kind. But with Nassau done in, I feel I'm finished.
  • Edward: I'm not of the same mind, mate. But I won't begrudge you the state of yours.
  • Thatch: You still looking for that Sage fellow?
  • Edward: Aye.
  • Thatch: Taking a prize a month back, I heard a man named Roberts was working a slave ship called the Princess. Might want to see about it.
  • Edward: The Princess. Cheers, Thatch.
  • Thatch: Now don't stand there like a barrel of wet fish. We're celebrating my retirement! Uncork this man's breakfast!

Edward noticed a shifty-looking man and followed him.

  • Edward: Save us a few bottles, eh?
  • Jenkins: Lads? Lieutenant? You out here?
  • Maynard: Stay here. Shoot anything that moves. Jenkins. What's the news?
  • Jenkins: There was a deserter among them who recalled my face. I sliced into his gullet before any word left his lips.
  • Maynard: Anybody see you?
  • Jenkins: Don't think so, sir. But I reckon Kenway suspects something. He don't miss much.
  • Maynard: Tell me about the beach.
  • Jenkins: A fair gathering, sir. Most too drunk to stand.

Edward tailing Jenkins and Maynard

  • Maynard: That will suit our purpose. Tell me about Edward Teach. What sort of man is he?
  • Jenkins: It's Thatch, sir. Least, that's what he calls himself. But he's a mad bugger, he is. Cracked as a glass teapot, sir.
  • Maynard: Details man! Stop talking in gibberish.
  • Jenkins: Well sir, he likes his drink for instance. Only he makes 'em queer. Takes the usual rum flip, and fills it with half a weight of gunpowder to top it off.
  • Maynard: Did I hear you aright? He DRINKS gunpowder?
  • Jenkins: Aye, sir. Just for show. And only last week he rounded up a score of his crew and bade us sit in the hold of his ship while he burnt off sulfur and other sickening minerals. We just sat there like it was one of a million pits of hell, and nothing less ordinary.
  • Maynard: Good GOD. What the hell for?
  • Jenkins: Likes to test his crew is all. Tease out their fitness and what. 'Course it always turned out he was the fittest of the lot. Thought for a moment I'd die there. Bloody savages.
  • Maynard: Have no fear, soldier. This will be the end of them. Come on. It's time. Quickly, send the signal. And remember always this day.
  • Edward: What the devil...?

A signal was shot out, and several ships opened fire on the harbor. Edward returned to the Jackdaw.

  • Thatch: Where the hell is Kenway? Note the day, lads! Today we send the King's finest to their graves!

Edward and his men boarded the Man O' War.

  • Thatch: We've knocked them on the heads except three or four. Let's jump aboard and cut 'em to pieces!
    Bury the lot, boys. Take no guff!
    I'll cleave ye lengthwise, maggots!
    How you be doing, Edward m'lad?
    I'll not fall here today, bastards! Come at me!
    Can you fight free, lad? Can ye make it clear?
    Here's the path to perdition!

Despite their best efforts, Thatch was soon overwhelmed.

British soldiers killing Thatch

  • Thatch: Kenway!
  • Edward: Here!
  • Thatch: In a world without gold, we might have been heroes!
  • Edward: THATCH!

Thatch was killed and Edward thrown overboard.

  • Edward: Devil curse me... Where's the Jackdaw...!

Edward reached his ship and escaped into the open sea.

  • Adéwalé: What of Thatch, sir? Did he fall? Captain?
  • Edward: He drinks damnation.


Edward Thatch was killed by the Royal Navy, and Kenway barely managed to escape. He also learned of a ship called the Princess, aboard which he might find the Sage.


  • The name of this memory references a poem by Dylan Thomas.
  • This memory featured as the gameplay demo for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag at E3 2013. However, it differed in several ways from the final version.
  • After swimming back to the Jackdaw, it is initially possible to sink the Man O' War Thatch was killed on; however, it is impossible to damage or sink two of the frigates accompanying it. 



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