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Diving for Medicines was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


A royal pardon caused commotion in Nassau, and Edward set out to find medicines for the town.


  • Anne: Another?
  • Edward: A rum flip this time.
  • Anne: And where'd I find fresh eggs in this wretched town? There's little else but piss and insects.
  • Edward: Aye. We're working on that.
  • Rackham: Dear lady, what do they call you?
  • Anne: Anne, when they're sober. A jilt when they're sauced. But never Lady.
  • Rackham: Well, goodly Anne I- Ah!
  • Vane: Bag of shite! Do you hear me? It's a bag of bloody shite! It's a ruse to keep us soft before they attack Nassau! You'll see. Mark me.
  • Thatch: It's no ruse, Vane. I heard it straight from the mouth of a greasy Bermudan captain. There's a pardon on offer for any pirate that wants it.
  • Hornigold: Ruse or not, I think it's plain the British may return to Nassau. With arms no doubt. We'll need a plan.
  • Thatch: Walk with us, Kenway. There's trouble brewing...
  • Hornigold: In the absence of any clear ideas, I say we lay low. No piracies and no violence. Do nothing to ruffle the King's feathers for now.
  • Thatch: Preserving the king's plumage is no concern of mine, Ben.
  • Hornigold: It will be when he sends his soldiers to scrub this island clean of our residue! Look around you, man. Is this cesspool worth dying for?

Edward speaking with Hornigold and Thatch

  • Thatch: Aye! It's our republic! Our idea! A free land for free men, remember? So maybe it's filthy to look at. But ain't it still an idea worth fighting for?
  • Hornigold: I can't be sure. For when I look on the fruits of our years of labor, all I see is sickness... Idleness.. Idiocy.
  • Thatch: Not a sunbeam of difference between here and London then, eh?
  • Edward: Thatch is right, man. Taking a wide view, we're not doing so bad out here. There's sun, rum, and leisure as far as the eye can see.
  • Hornigold: Aye, Nassau may look fine from a distance, but at its core there's a disease I cannot stomach.
  • Edward: Sickness can be cured, Ben. If only you have the right medicine.
  • Hornigold: But a corpse cannot be reanimated!
  • Thatch: I can't believe the shite I'm hearing drop from your lips! Why not take the pardon now and be done with it!
  • Edward: Peace! Both of you. We can satisfy both aims if we work together. Find medicines to ease our burdens here, but in a way that don't attract the British.
  • Thatch: I'd wager the nearest doctor is sitting pretty in Havana. Not a place I mean to go.
  • Edward: The Spanish fleet that sunk two years back would have some medicine. All sealed up in glass vials.
  • Thatch: You'd need a diving bell to reach those depths.
  • Edward: Aye. And with some coin and a few supplies, a diving bell won't be hard to come by.
  • Hornigold: This is a plan I can stand behind. Find medicines without stirring up trouble. Agreed, Thatch?
  • Thatch: Agreed, aye. I'll meet you near the wrecks as soon as you're able, Kenway.
  • Hornigold: Remember, Thatch! Keep your cannons corked!
  • Thatch: Piss off, Ben!

Edward bought a diving bell and met up with Thatch.

Edward meeting with Thatch

  • Edward: Devil in his hole, Thatch! This is a darling galley. Thirty-two guns, is it?
  • Thatch: I lost count at forty.
  • Edward: You've stepped up a rung. So... Any luck finding medicines here?
  • Thatch: Nothing 'round this spot, sadly. But there's a few wrecks yonder that haven't been scoured by nothing but crabs and coral.
  • Edward: I'll have a look.
  • Stede: Edward? Edward, is that you? My goodness, the West Indies is a compact place!
  • Edward: 'Allo, Bonnet. A surprise seeing you out here.
  • Stede: I met Mister Thatch a month or so ago and he offered to take me under his yardarms, so to speak. Says I must wash the hayseed from my hair before I'm a true pirate.
  • Edward: Well, good luck to you then. Worse men have become better under Blackbeard's watch.

Edward used his diving bell and collected a crate of medicine from the bottom of the ocean. He returned to the surface via Thatch's bell.

Edward showing the spoiled medicine to Thatch and Bonnet

  • Thatch: Ahoy! Any luck?
  • Edward: I found one crate hidden beneath a school of sharks. Sadly, the elixir inside is... quite spoilt.
  • Thatch: Plague and perish! Will we steal medicines now?
  • Edward: Remember the pardon, Thatch. We're to be subtle.
  • Thatch: Says Hornigold! A pirate now too proud to call himself one!
  • Edward: Ah, he prefers caution to cannons.
  • Thatch: Caution's nothing without charisma! For if a man plays the fool, then it's only fools he'll persuade. But appear to be the devil, and all men will submit.
  • Edward: And would you be the devil?

Thatch donned his hat, lined with burning fuses.

  • Thatch: For an audience, aye. It's all a big show. Give your quarry something to fear, some hellish thing from a fever'd dream, and men will drop to their knees pleading for their Lord before aught else!
  • Stede: Oh God...
  • Edward: Looks fine.
  • Thatch: 'Course it does. If you can find a quiet way to acquire medicines, tell me soon. Otherwise, I'll handle it meself.


Edward dove for medicines, but found nothing useful.



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