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Discovery Tour: Viking Age is the Discovery Tour mode for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. It was released as a free downloadable add-on on 19 October 2021[1] and is available for free to those who own the base game, or for purchase as a stand-alone version on PC.


In the game, players are able to freeroam and explore the maps of Norway and Anglo-Saxon England and learn about both countries' histories. Unlike previous installments which employed the use of guided tours, Discovery Tour: Viking Age will see players assume the roles of various characters and take on quests with the aim of bringing them closer to the material by putting them at the center of it.[2]


DTVA Quest Banner - Oaths and Honour.jpg DTVA Quest Banner - Through Faith and Fire.jpg DTVA Quest Banner - Seaworthy.jpg DTVA Quest Banner - Into the West.jpg
Oaths & Honour Through Faith & Fire Seaworthy Into the West
DTVA Quest Banner - A Barter For Peace.jpg DTVA Quest Banner - Aelfred's Legacy.jpg DTVA Quest Banner - New Life, New Lands.jpg DTVA Quest Banner - Where Fates Align.jpg
A Barter for Peace Aelfred's Legacy New Life, New Lands Where Fates Align



War & Politics

A Familiar Battleground A "Heathen" Army? A Warrior's Tools Alfred and the "English"
Anglo-Saxon Warfare Baptism and Victory Horses and Warfare Keeping Allies Close
Kin and Household King and Clergy King Harald Fairfair Military Leadership
Military Organization Peacemaking, Peacebreaking Scouts Before the Storm The Battle of Edington
The Burh The Clan The Félag, or Fellowship The Fyrd, or Militia
The Gift of East Anglia The Great Hall The Rise of Alfred The Roman Fortress
The Seven Kingdoms The Treaty with Guthrum The Truce of Wedmore The Witan
Trust and Oathkeeping Viking Warfare What is an "Anglo-Saxon"? What was a King?

Daily Life

Alrekstad Anglo-Saxon Homes Chippenham Conditions on Board
Cook and Kitchen Curing Fish Dividing the Land Dividing the Spoils
Do You Speak "Viking"? Fashion: A Status Symbol Games and Sports Grooming and Hygiene
Gunnhilda Household Slaves Marriage Between Peoples Monasteries: Many Roles
Naming the Land Nutrition on Board Seafaring Stavanger
Staying the Winter The Boender, or Freemen The Ceorls, or Freemen The City of Winchester
The Ealdormen The Freewomen The Land of Ice and Snow? The Thegns
The Town of Jorvik Thorsteinn Silvertongue Who Was in the "Army"? Why Leave Scandinavia?

Religion & Magic

A Life of Prayer A Strict Diet Bishops: A Divided Duty Blessing the Ship
Christianization Church Power Structure Church Testimonies Destiny and Ancestry
Ely, a Monastery for All Hamingja: A Family Spirit Magic and Medicine Monasteries: A Quiet Place
Norse Religion Relics and Saints Ships: Between Two Worlds The Church Altar
The Cross and the Hammer The Hours of the Day The Megalith The Move to Christianity
The Old Minster The Old Norse Idea of Self

Myths & Legends

A Sacrifice for Wisdom Across the Rainbow Bridge Animal Taboos Divinities of the Sea
Giants: Children of Ymir Lands of the Dead Lands of the Dead II Loki the Trickster
Mystery of the Shore Odin: The All-father Taboos on the High Seas The Elk, or Elgr
The Goddess Freyja The Horse, or Hestr The Iron Will of Fate The Legendary Brothers
The Nine Realms The Norns: Keepers of Fate The Sacred Mead of Poetry The Sea: A Spiritual Being
The Snake, or Ornir The Völva: A Soothslayer The Well of Mimir Thor, God of Thunder
Yggdrasil: The World Tree


Anglo-Scandinavian Farming Bioarchaeology Medicines and Medics Medieval Christian Medicine
Parchment: Made to Last Telling Time The Art of Making Charcoal The Cargo Ship: The Knorr
The Coastal Trader The Four Humours The Hull and Mast The Navigator
The Sail The Ordeal of the Copyist

Law & Justice

Feuds and Vengeance Justice and Honour Mannhelgi: A Sacred Space Mannjafnadr: A War of Words
The Art of Illumination The Gothi, or Lawkeeper The Horror of Banishment The Thing, or Assembly

Art & Culture

A New, Mixed Identity Anglo-Scandinavian Fashion Old English Literature Runes and Runestones
Stone Sculptures The Scriptorium The Figurehead The Skald and His Art

Trade & Economy

Alfred's Silver Coins Bartering and Hacksilver Destinations of the Voyagers Jorvik: Conquest to Boom
Raiding the Monasteries Slavery The Longship, or Langskip The Market of Coppergate
The Mint of Jorvik The North Way The World Comes to Jorvik What's a "Wic?"

Behind the Scenes


Landscaping England Jorvik's Architecture York the Haunted


The Assassin's Artillery Use Protection Colouring the World Photogra-wha? On Liquid Gold
Mysterious Forests Safe and Sound? The Music of AC Valhalla Welcome to Asgard


Checkmate Long Live the King A Humble Abode Animus, Translate 'Skål!'
Take a Leap of Faith The Die is Cast The Longhouse The Myth of Horned Helmets


Creating Eivor's Longship White Landscapes Designing Stavanger The Creation of Eivor New Game, New Crest


Image Name Description Availability
ACV DB Aelfred.png
King Aelfred Protected Wessex against Vikings and promoted literacy amongst his people. Visit 70 Discovery Sites
DTVA Basim.png
Basim Ibn Ishaq Basim is calculating, an agent of chaos, a fickle trickster, and capricious. Visit 5 Behind the Scenes stations
ACV DB Ceolbert.png
Ceolbert The son of a noble, he finds himself embroiled in his father's political affairs. Visit 30 Discovery Sites
ACV DT - Ealric.png
Brother Ealric Ealric is a kind, determined monk, whose aim is to share his faith and love for his God. Unlocked by default
Wiki noimage.jpg
Eivor (Female) Protagonist of AC Valhalla, Eivor is a skilled fighter and strategist. Unlocked by default
Wiki noimage.jpg
Eivor (Male) Protagonist of AC Valhalla, Eivor is a skilled fighter and strategist. Unlocked by default
ACV DB Freyja.png
Freyja Goddess of fertility and magic, she rules over Fólkvangr. Visit 90 Discovery Sites
ACV DB Fulke.png
Fulke Clandestine member of the Order of the Ancients. Visit 20 Discovery Sites
ACV DT - Gunnhilda.png
Gunnhilda Gunnhilda is a weaver. Tenacious, practical, and married to Thorsteinn. Visit 5 Discovery Sites
DTVA Hytham.png
Hytham Basim's disciple, Hytham is incurably optimistic and endlessly curious. Visit 10 Behind the Scenes stations
Wiki noimage.jpg
Ivarr the Boneless An historic Viking conqueror and the inspiration for many a saga. Visit 15 Behind the Scenes stations
ACV Layla Hassan.png
Layla Hassan Member of the Brotherhood and former employee of Abstergo Industries. Unlocked by default
ACV DB Loki.png
Loki Loki is the god of mischief. And mischievous he is indeed. Complete the Where Fates Align quest
ACV Odin Database Fullbody Render New.png
Odin As the mightiest god of all, Odin seeks exemption from any binding fate. Visit 50 Discovery Sites
ACV Randvi render.png
Randvi Randvi is a War Chief and wife of Sigurd. She's ruthless but boisterous. Visit 80 Discovery Sites
ACV Rebecca Crane render.png
Rebecca Crane She is the creator of the Animus 2.0. Visit 20 Behind the Scenes stations
ACV Shaun Hastings render.png
Shaun Hastings Gives tactical guidance to numerous Assassin cells across the globe. Visit all 25 Behind the Scenes stations
Wiki noimage.jpg
Sigurd Styrbjornsson Eivor's adoptive brother, he is strong, fearless and charismatic. Visit 60 Discovery Sites
ACV DB Soma.png
Soma Soma, Jarl of Cambridge, is friendly, determined and empathetic. Visit 10 Discovery Sites
Wiki noimage.jpg
Stowe Stowe has a strong sense of purpose in helping others, despite his temper. Visit 40 Discovery Sites
ACV Thor.png
Thor God of thunder, god of the people, giant slayer... Which is the most accurate? Visit all 92 Discovery Sites
ACV DT - Thorsteinn.png
Thorsteinn Silvertongue Patient, honourable, Thorsteinn yearns to be a great merchant. Married to Gunnhilda. Unlocked by default
ACV DB Valka.png
Valka Valka is a seeress. She practices Seidr [Magic] and brings counsel to Eivor Complete the Aelfred's Legacy quest
Wiki noimage.jpg
Young Sigurd Eivor's adoptive brother, as a child. Unlocked by default



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