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This article is about the Discovery Tour for ancient Egypt. You may be looking for for other Discovery Tours.

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Discovery Tour: Ancient Egypt is an educational mode for Assassin's Creed: Origins.

The mode was released as a downloadable add-on on 20 February 2018 and is available for free to those who own the base game, or for purchase as a stand-alone version on PC. In it, players are to free roam the game's map of ancient Egypt and learn about the kingdom's history through a series of guided tours.[1]



The Major Regions of Egypt Bringer of Life, The Nile River Deserts of Egypt The Qattara Depression
Siwa The Faiyum The City of Memphis Rediscovering Egypt
Natron Fauna of Ancient Egypt Flora of Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Jean-François Champollion The Founding of Cyrene The Agora & Thermal Baths The Temple of Zeus in Cyrene
Important Monuments of Cyrene The Acropolis of Cyrene The Gladiator Arena Major Exports of Cyrene


The Origin of the Pyramid The Step Pyramid Complex of Djoser Inside Djoser's Step Pyramid Sneferu's First Pyramid
The Bent Pyramid of Dahshur The Red Pyramid of Dahshur Pyramids of the Middle Kingdom An Overview of the Giza Necropolis
The Riddles of the Sphinx Khufu's Funerary Complex The Secrets of the Great Pyramid The Great Pyramid: Subterranean Chamber
The Great Pyramid of Giza: Upper Chambers Jean-Pierre Houdin's Theories Khafre's Funerary Complex Menkaure's Funerary Complex


The Greek Pharaohs Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt The Siege of Alexandria Introduction to Alexandria
Alexandria: Planning of the City Alexandria: A Commerical Hub Alexandria, City of Celebration Education in Alexandria
The Great Library of Alexandria The Mouseion of Alexandria The Serapeion of Alexandria The Island of Pharos
The Paneion The Hippodrome of Alexandria

Daily Life

Osiris, The First Mummy Mummies of Ancient Egypt The Importance of Mummies Amulets & Rituals
Temples & Rituals of Ancient Egypt Temples And Priests Building Ancient Egypt Workers & Transport
Agriculture & Seasons Ancient Egyptian Cultivation Domesticated Animals of Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptian Medicine
Leather & Linen in Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptian Fashions Artisans of Ancient Egypt Evolution of Pottery in Ancient Egypt
The Egyptian Household Beer & Bread Wine in Ancient Egypt Oil in Ancient Egypt


Roman Military Equipment Roman Forts The Forts of Cyrenaica Roman Aqueducts


Image Name Description
ACO DT Bayek.png
Bayek of Siwa Medjay. Husband to Aya of Alexandria.
Aya of Alexandria Trained as a medjay. Wife to Bayek of Siwa.
ACO DT Julius Caesar.PNG
Julius Caesar Roman politician and general.
ACO DT Cleopatra.PNG
Cleopatra VII Philopator Descendant of Alexander the Great's general, Ptolemy I Soter. Queen of Egypt.
ACO DT - William Miles render.png
William Miles Modern day mentor. Father of Desmond Miles.
ACO-DT Layla.png
Layla Hassan Technical engineer. Former employee of Abstergo Industries.
Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator Brother-husband of Cleopatra VII Philopator. Pharaoh of Egypt.
Khemu of Siwa Son of Aya and Bayek.
Shadya of Euhemeria Egyptian. Daughter to Hotephres and Khenut.
Reda the Merchant Egyptian. Nomadic merchant.
ACO Hasina.png
Hasina of Yamu Daughter of Menehet, an old friend of Bayek.
ACO DT Actor.png
Actor One of the famed actors of ancient Egypt, in costume.
ACO DT Egyptian Woman.png
Egyptian Woman Wearing clothing typical of the common Egyptian folk of the era.
ACO DT Egyptian Nobleman.png
Egyptian Nobleman Wearing clothing typical of the nobility of Ancient Egypt.
ACO Egyptian Noblewoman.png
Egyptian Noblewoman Wearing clothing typical of the nobility of Ancient Egypt.
ACO Roman Soldier.PNG
Roman Soldier Wearing clothing typical of Roman soldiers of the era.
ACO DT Greek Nobleman.png
Greek Nobleman Wearing clothing typical of the Greek nobility of the era.
ACO DT Greek Noblewoman.png
Greek Noblewoman Wearing clothing typical of the Greek nobility of the era.
ACO DT Greek Man.png
Greek Man Wearing clothing typical of the common Greek folk of the era.
ACO DT Greek Woman.png
Greek Woman Wearing clothing typical of the common Greek folk of the era.
ACO Ptolemaic Soldier.png
Ptolemaic Soldier Wearing clothing typical of Egyptian soldiers of the era.
ACO DT Bayek Hedj.png
Bayek with Egyptian Hedj Wearing hedj clothing, a more distinguished though still practical outfit. Hedj means "white".
ACO DT Bayek Irtyu.png
Bayek with Egyptian Irtyu Wearing irtyu clothing, favored by the nobles. Irtyu means "blue".
ACO DT Bayek Narok.png
Bayek with Egyptian Narok Wearing the robe of an elder Maasai warrior.
ACO DT Bayek Persian.png
Bayek as a Persian Commander Purple is the color of leaders, feared by their enemies.





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