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Bandits from the group attacking Letopolis

The Disciples of the Lioness was a cult of bandits who worshipped the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet and operated out of the Plesionhudor Hideout in Sapi-Res Nome during the 1st century BCE.


In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa ran afoul of the Disciples during his search for the member of the Order of the Ancients known as The Scarab. When his hunt for the masked one led him to Letopolis, the Disciples attacked the town and Bayek helped the steward of the town, Taharqa, and his men defend Letopolis and its citizens.[1]

After they had beaten back the Disciples, Taharqa led them to the bandits' hideout, telling Bayek about them.[1]

However, this did not hinder the bandits for long, and they continued to haunt the surroundings of Letopolis, their cries calling for the lion-goddess Sekhmet by her many names, their numbers strengthened by the presence of lionesses. Among their crimes, they scared a Yamuan-turned-Letopolitan Nehi, and stole his cart and oxen, Khufu and Chiera.[2]





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