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Dionysias was an ancient farming town in Faiyum, located south of Lake Moeris and west of the town of Euhemeria.

In 48 BCE, the people of Dionysias were plagued by bandits who raided farms around the region, burning them down and kidnapping villagers. Reports of these deeds reached Hotephres, an informant of Apollodorus, and he eventually directed the attention of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa to them.[1]

In due course, the Medjay met a 'madman', Addaya, who told him about demons and monsters, and about a 'boy' who was in trouble. Bayek sought out the boy, Rahotep, and helped him save his villagefolk, including Rahotep's father.[2]

Bayek also ran across the farmer-warrior Zahra amidst the ruins of her burned down farm, and with her, Bayek hunted down and put an end to one of the bandits' hideouts, as well as their leader, Son of Ra.[3]