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Dinesh (d. 2013) was a member of the Indian Brotherhood of Assassins.


When other members of the cell went to retrieve Jot Soora and Monima Das in October 2013 to have access to the memories of Arbaaz Mir and Pyara Kaur, Dinesh stayed behind to maintain their safehouse in Mumbai, disguised as a store in the Chor Bazaar. Despite interference from Abstergo agents, Jasdip Dhami was able to bring Jot to the safehouse alive, while Monima drowned alongside two Assassins after crashing from the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Angered at the death of his sister Siobhan at the hands of Abstergo, Jasdip then informed Dinesh that Jot wasn't Arbaaz's descendant.

While Dinesh and Jasdip proceeded to discuss the death of his sister, Jot sneaked into a back room where he hooked his fiancée's DNA up to the Brahman V.R. Jasdip brought with him. After Dinesh and Jasdip discovered Jot, they realized that Monima was the descendant of Ranjit Singh and Arbaaz Mir instead of Jot.

The Brahman V.R. had made contact with the Abstergo Cloud, and Dinesh and Jasdip prepared for an Abstergo assault. Before leaving, Dinesh uploaded Monima's DNA to a cellphone and deleted all her genetic memory past 1839 from the Cloud. However, as Dinesh and Jot were about to enter a secret passage to the bazaar, Dinesh was killed, his head pierced by the laser beam used by the attacking Abstergo agents trying to cut down the door of the hideout.




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