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Ezio: "You do not cooperate very well."
Dilara: "I am here to rescue my men, not make friends."
—Dilara about her priorities.[src]

Dilara was an Ottoman spy based in Derinkuyu, Cappadocia, during the early 16th century.

She led a small group of spies to infiltrate the Byzantine Templars on the orders of Tarik Barleti. In 1512, she worked with the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze to drive the Templars from their base.


Early life[]

Dilara was born and raised in the Topkapı Harem in Constantinople, and was taught from an early age to honor both the Sultan and his family. Amongst such a high-class noble crowd, she was also trained to strive for little more than a reputable position, and a fine husband.[1]

Despite this, Dilara rebelled against the expectations and strict boundaries set to her, and became known as both ill-mannered and brazen; a reputation that she did not object to. Eventually, her attitude caught the attention of a Janissary named Tarik Barleti, who admired her boldness and charm. Both out of kindness and in an attempt for her affections, Tarik arranged for Dilara's release from the harem, to work instead as an envoy for the Janissaries. However, Dilara remained unmoved by this act; a failure that became a source of much grief for Tarik in his later years.[1]

Ottoman spy[]

In 1512, Dilara and several other Ottomans were directed to act as spies in the Byzantine Templar base of Derinkuyu. Despite being the only woman among them, Dilara counted herself as their leader, and became quite dedicated to her allies.[2]

After managing to gain an allegiance with the Byzantine leader, Manuel Palaiologos, Tarik instructed the spies to watch the movements of the Byzantines, as well as the non-functioning rifles Tarik had sold to the unknowing Manuel. Dilara and her allies were then supposed to follow the Templar movement, and meet up with Tarik's Janissary ambush upon reaching Bursa.[2]

However, unbeknownst to Dilara and her men, Tarik was assassinated by Ezio Auditore, despite their common intentions, due to the Assassin believing Tarik's Templar pretense. Despite this, Tarik's dying words directed Ezio to Cappadocia, to aid the spies in bringing down the Templars "where they felt safest."[2]

Scattering the Byzantines[]

"Explosions? If you do that, all hell will break loose. You will panic the entire city."
―Dilara voicing her concern for the citizens.[src]
The Spy 8

Dilara seeing the bodies of her allies at the prison

In March 1512, as Ezio traveled to the underground city, Dilara and her fellow spies were discovered and captured. However, since Dilara was dressed as a slave, she managed to slip away unnoticed. A week after the disaster, Ezio arrived, and after he had identified Dilara with his gift, the Assassin approached her.[2]

Still cautious from her encounter with the Byzantines, Dilara fled to lure the Assassin into a secluded area, where she then drew her dagger on him, and questioned him threateningly. Ezio managed to calm her, and mentioned that Tarik had sent him, though Dilara was doubtful. Instructing the Assassin to find her when he was certain of his abilities, Dilara returned to the crowds. Not long after speaking with Ezio, Dilara loitered near to the underground city's prisons, but she was discovered by the guards and locked into a cell. Ezio caught word of her capture, and sought her out amongst the captives.[2]

There, both of them overheard a conversation between Manuel and the Turkmen renegade Shahkulu. Looking to the bodies of the Ottoman spies that littered the room, Shahkulu commented that some of the prisoners were so "fragile", indicating that he had been responsible for their deaths. As he left, Shahkulu ordered for Dilara to be brought to the chapel, where he intended to beat several of the spies to death. However, Ezio managed to free her before the guards could return from their search for the key.[2]

Renegade 2

Ezio and Dilara spying on the public execution at the chapel

Upon seeing the bodies of her men, Dilara quietly spoke a blessing to them, and then ran off in pursuit of Shahkulu, declaring angrily that she would kill him. She arrived at the chapel with Ezio close behind her, where they found Shahkulu beating Janos, another Ottoman spy.[2]

While Dilara initially intended to attack Shahkulu, Ezio convinced her otherwise, and quietly killed the gunmen stationed around the area as he climbed higher, before leaping upon Shahkulu himself and stabbing him with his Hidden Blade before the man could harm Janos further. However, Shahkulu's thick armor protected him, and he was able to throw the Assassin back, after falsely pretending to have died. Rallying with his remaining soldiers, Shahkulu duelled with Ezio, but was eventually bested and killed.[2]

Renegade 10

Dilara speaking with her men

Once he had finally fallen, Dilara ran to Janos' side to help him up, while Ezio checked if Shahkulu was truly dead, before questioning Dilara about the rifles they had brought. Dilara admitted that the firearms were fake, but that the gunpowder accompanying them was not.[2]

With this, Ezio instructed Dilara and the other surviving Ottomans to keep out of sight, and escape only when they heard the explosions he would cause, by igniting the rifles' gunpowder reserves. Dilara protested this course of action, saying that the explosions would panic the entire city, but the Assassin only stated that it was his intention, as he needed to flush out Manuel Palaiologos. Ezio then departed for the city's weapon cache, and Dilara and her allies left to seek safety.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"Poor men. Allah sizi kutsasin. That Turkmen renegade did this. Shahkulu. I'll kill him!"
―Dilara, upon discovering the deaths of her allies.[src]
Hidden city 5

Dilara threatening Ezio

Dilara was a very brash, but strong-willed woman. Though she was described as ill-tempered in her younger years, this never bothered her, and her bold independence was what brought her freedom from the Sultan's harem. Although she never seemed to reciprocate Tarik's feelings for her, Dilara nevertheless served the Janissary captain loyally, and grew close and protective over her fellow spies. Her skills allowed her to remain hidden among the enemy, even after her fellows had been captured.

Ezio once commented on her inability to cooperate with him, but Dilara said that she did not intend to "make friends", and only wished to rescue her allies. Though she was rude to the Assassin, not bothering to thank him even after he released her from prison, she showed open and honest concern for the men she worked alongside, as well as the innocent population of Derinkuyu.


  • Dilara's attire was similar to that of the beggars in Constantinople.
  • Despite being an ally, in the memory "The Spy Who Shunned Me", when viewed with Eagle Sense, Dilara would glow red.
  • In "The Hidden City" memory where Ezio had to chase Dilara, the marker over her head was blue, indicating her to be an ally, though her footstep trail was red.
  • Dilara was a Turkish name that traditionally had the meaning 'lover', but could also be translated as 'she who delights the heart' or 'she who is pleasing'.
  • Dilara used a Romani Stiletto as her weapon of choice.




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