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Diego de Burgos was an Inquisition captain active during the Renaissance.

In 1489, Diego won a set of paintings created by Leonardo da Vinci from Jaime del Rada, a nobleman and an associate of the Spanish Thieves' Guild. Diego then divided the paintings among his men in Spain: his personal confessor, the slumlord Garcia Galindo, his lieutenant Alfonso Cavallero, the treasurer Cristoval de Merlo, and weapon merchant Gabriel Dominico. Later that year, however, the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins set out and recovered the paintings from each of his followers' residences and hideouts.

Behind the scenes

The name "Diego" is a Spanish given name, derived from a re-analysis of Snt Yago as San Diego.

"de Burgos" means from Burgos, which is a city of Spain located in the autonomous community of Castile and León.