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Die Glocke in the Vemork facility

Die Glocke (English: The Bell) was a precursor to the Animus, a machine capable of having its subject relive the memories of their ancestors. It was built on the orders the supervision of Gero Kramer, a Nazi Obbergruppenführer and high-ranking member of the Templar Order, with the original intent of acquiring more Pieces of Eden for the Templar cause through time travel.[1]

To achieve this goal, they faked the death of Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla to help construct the device. The device had the appearance of an armchair and was initially located in the Nazi heavy water facility of Vemork, where the heavy water storages were used to power the device.[1]


On 27 February 1943, the Assassin Eddie Gorm infiltrated the Vemork facility to stop Kramer's project, unaware of its true purpose. Kramer, himself subjected to the Nazi's übermensch project, was able to overpower Gorm and placed him in the device as their first test subject. Kramer ordered Tesla to activate it, using the Fourth Apple of Eden as an additional power source,[1] though Tesla secretly sabotaged the device. With the Allies' simultaneous raid on and destruction of the Vemork facility, the device was rendered inert.[2]

Kramer was assassinated by Gorm and Julia Dusk a few months later. Their Assassin superior, Boris Pash, had secretly been colluding with the Templars to gain access to the device. After Kramer's death, Pash and the Templars had the device moved to the USS Eldridge, as part of Project Rainbow. On 28 October 1943, they attempted to use the device to cross the space-time continuum, hoping that it would allow them to kill Adolf Hitler in the past before he could rise to power. Gorm, hell-bent on stopping Pash, killed Tesla to sabotage the project, before committing suicide.[2]

According to the files of Alan Rikkin, the project was ultimately a failure.[2] Nonetheless, in an email in 2012, he cited that the ship briefly manifested in a future state for 18 minutes thanks to the artifact.[3]