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"You truly are a gifted spy, Paton. Perhaps too gifted."
―Robespierre to Paton, shortly before having him arrested, 1793.[src]

Didier Paton

Didier Paton was a French spy working for Maximilien de Robespierre during the Reign of Terror. An extremely patriotic citizen, he wrote down the names of Parisians that criticized the new French Republic and passed them on to Robespierre, causing them to be arrested and sent to the guillotine.

However, Paton at some point discovered the existence of the Templar Order and their involvement in the French Revolution. Having tracked down several suspects and written down their names in his notebook, he presented his findings to his boss in November of 1793. Robespierre, himself a Templar, subsequently accused Paton of treason and had the man jailed, while the notebook was confiscated.

Taken to the Grand Châtelet prison to be executed, Paton was freed by agents of the French Brotherhood of Assassins. Under the cover of smoke bombs, he managed to escape the fortress and hid in the catacombs beneath the Holy Innocents' Cemetery, where the Assassins eventually found him. Grateful for the rescue, Paton later joined the Brotherhood.



Behind the Scenes

  • Paton is voiced by actor Alexander Crowther.