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This article is about the Davenport Homesteader. You may be looking for Diana, the Roman goddess.
"...your instincts are superb, and you have a healer's touch."
―Dr. Lyle White on Diana's healing skills.[src]-[m]

Diana was the wife of Terry, the mother of his child, and an assistant to Dr. Lyle White[1] during the events of the American Revolution. She resided on the Davenport Homestead with her husband and son. She was great friends with Catherine, Godfrey's wife, and could often be found gossiping with her while doing chores.[2]


Early life

Before moving to the Homestead, Diana resided with her family and Godfrey's on a small plot of land north of Champlain, New York, which she described as a "tangle of rock and bramble".[1] After the Assassin Connor saved her husband from drowning in a nearby river, the families were invited to move to the Davenport Homestead.[3]

Life on the Homestead

Soon after arriving at the Homestead, a robber attempted to break into Diana and Terry's home, but was apprehended and killed by Connor.[4] Terry and Godfrey erupted into a brawl over who should have been watching over the women, while Catherine and Diana tried to calm their husbands down, but the fight was quickly ended by Connor. Diana then patched up Terry's wounds, saying he would be fine after he took some time to calm down.[5]

Diana cared for Achilles Davenport during his final days.[6] When Dr. Lyle White was unable to keep up the sailors from the Aquila who were wounded during the Battle of the Chesapeake, Connor rushed to get Diana, having seen the way she cared for people.[7]

She helped Lyle treat the more serious patients, while Connor gave minor medical assistance to those nearby. After all was done, Lyle mentioned that Diana had done an impressive job and was a great deal of help, even remarking that she was more capable than the previous assistant he had in Boston.[7] He thereafter took her on as his assistant.[1]

Diana attended Norris and Myriam's wedding, and celebrated at the Mile's End with the other Homesteaders. She was heartily amused by Godfrey's tale of his little brother Joseph tossing Terry's cousin into a river during their wedding.[8] When Achilles finally succumbed and died peacefully, Diana attended his funeral and laid a rose on his coffin.[9]


  • Diana and Terry were both illiterate, and they required Father Timothy's assistance to read a letter received from Terry's favorite cousin Jock.




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