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"You want us to go after the Templars, guns blazing. That's not what Erudito is! The whole point of Erudito is to be invisible."
―Dewalt to Florencia, 2016.[src]


Dewalt is one of the leaders of Erudito and is an advocate of secrecy and non-involvement, opposing the newly elected Collective's leader, Florencia.


In 2016, Dewalt was opposed to Florencia's wish to reorganize Erudito into a more militant organization, after Erudito discovered that the Templars' Phoenix Project was in fact manipulated by Juno, to get a suitable body. Against Erudito's founding rules about being invisible, Florencia created a task force, recruiting field agents and creating bases of operation on each continents, and made plans to fight the Isu entity and her Templar puppets.[1]

Furious with the changes and the recent arrival of Assassins in their Argentinian secret base, Dewalt called for a vote of non-confidence against the leadership of Florencia. One hour later, while all the members of the collective met through video conference, Dewalt insisted that they didn't need outsiders while Florencia tried to convince them that to stop the Phoenix Project they needed the help of her granddaughter Charlotte and the Assassins. As Florencia was loosing to Dewalt, Charlotte stepped up and after a passionate speech, convinced the collective to back her grandmother and the alliance with her fellow Assassins.

Later, Dewalt was among the survivors who escaped the compound when the Templars launched an assault on Erudito, thanks to a tracer they'd put on Charlotte. Now stranded in the island's jungle, the group tried to evade the strike teams surounding them and to reach the caves where Erudito's boats were hidden. Once there, Charlotte sensed that it was a trap thanks to her Eagle Vision, but Florencia refused to listen when she told her that they needed to hide and wait for an Assassin rescue team. The other Eruditos agreed with the Assassin, with Dewalt reminding Florencia that the main reason for which she brought Charlotte on the Erudito island was because of her tremendous gift. At the end, Charlotte was right and the group was rescued by the Assassins Kiyoshi Takakura and Arend Schut Cunningham, who took them away in a helicopter.



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