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Devil's Advocate was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward learned that Thatch was in trouble and came to his rescue.


Edward found Hornigold's ship, the Benjamin, which was in the process of being fixed up.

  • Edward: What the hell's happened here? Were you attacked?
  • Hornigold: Other way 'round. It were Blackbeard who struck first. Opened fire on a British Man O' War, the pillock!
  • Edward: What in God's name for?
  • Hornigold: Still searching for medicines. But he's gone barmy if you ask me.
  • Edward: I'll bring him home.
  • Hornigold: Leave him, man! He's heaped this trouble on himself!

Edward set out to find the Queen Anne's Revenge.

  • Adéwalé: Captain, there's a wreck yonder. Looks recent!
  • Edward: I see it. Let's hope Thatch hasn't come to the same end.
Devil's Advocate 10

Jackdaw sailing past a bit of wreckage

  • Adéwalé: Another bit of wreckage, captain. This is looking grim.
  • Edward: Aye. Keep your eyes peeled. Blast! This is getting well out of hand.
  • Adéwalé: A dozen crates of medicine should not be so hard to come by.
  • Edward: That ain't my meaning. It's Thatch and Hornigold and this pointless feud of theirs. Can't you feel it?
  • Adéwalé: I do, aye. But both men have their hearts in a good place. Both want the best for the people of Nassau.
  • Edward: But is that the best course for us? Saving a city that ain't worth much? We're not men made to govern. We take and spend, and live heartily... wherever we go.
  • Adéwalé: What solution would you propose?
  • Edward: The answer's in wealth and power, not politics. If we found the Observatory, we'd see enough money to buy the whole of England. Or it might be... we'd lord over these kings and emperors like they was peasants themselves.
  • Adéwalé: A lot of large talk, captain. But is it your crew you sail for... or yourself?
  • Edward: I mean the best for these men, Adé. I do. But this don't sit right. I feel like I'm running errands, not living my life.

Edward found Thatch's ship near an island, being attacked by British soldiers.

  • Edward: Adé. See there!
  • Adéwalé: It's her, captain! The Queen Anne's Revenge. And she's in a bad way.
  • Edward: There's no time for a vote. Thatch is outnumbered.
  • Adéwalé: The crew'll understand. Beat to quarters, lads! We're sailing into hell!
  • Edward: Thatch is overwhelmed. I'm going ashore.
  • Adéwalé: I'll keep the Jackdaw circling.
Devil's Advocate 3

Edward fighting the British soldiers

  • Thatch: Did all your book-learning prepare you for a scuffle of this sort, Mister Bonnet?
  • Stede: Not in the least, no.
  • Thatch: For certain, there's more to be learned by doing than reading. Remember that!
  • Edward: You stirred up a nest of trouble, Thatch!
  • Thatch: In service of a noble cause.
  • Edward: Medicines, I hope you mean!
  • Thatch: Aye. A galleon nearby. And if we crack these lobsters quick, we might catch up to her.
  • Stede: Oh God! Some aid here! Edward! Please!
  • Edward: Hang in there, Bonnet! Keep your arms up and your back to the sea!
  • Edward: You don't do nothing subtle, do ya, Thatch?
  • Thatch: Legends ain't born from mildness.
  • Stede: Ah! Gentlemen, our galleon has reappeared!
  • Edward: Heads up!
  • Thatch: Back to my ship, quick as you please. It'll not slip away now!
  • Stede: Oh, this is too much!
  • Thatch: I'll see you back to your Jackdaw when the smoke has cleared. But for now I need a helmsman.
  • Edward: Call it out!
  • Thatch: Loose the mains! And head straight for that bloody ship. We'll have our medicines in little time at all!

Edward took control of the ship and battled the Man O' War.

  • Crewman: We're short on powder, Captain!
  • Thatch: Blast! And the Galleon's all but sunk!
  • Edward: I'm seeing the devil you promised, Thatch.
  • Thatch: Argh... I'd have shown them my angel if they'd taken quarter. But there's no going back now! So ram that bastard! With all the wind you've got! She's cracked, lads! Send 'em to hell! Find the captain and END this.

Edward killed the captain and the ship was conquered.

Devil's Advocate 7

Thatch speaking to the captain

  • Thatch: I'm not a man accustomed to murder, captain. And if you'd taken quarter, you'd not be seeping now.
  • Captain: Suck a muzzle, gobshite. You'll be hanged and sun-dried, just as them that were in Boston.
  • Thatch: The King's called for a pardon!
  • Hands: Captain... we've searched the hold. It's a middling take, but the medicine we found bears a Charles-Towne stamp.
  • Thatch: Thank you, Mr. Hands.
  • Edward: We cannot resupply Nassau out here by force and accident alone. We should go to Charles-Towne for the lot.
  • Stede: Hello! A-are we victorious? I fear I am not built for the fatigue and care required to live as a man of fortune.
  • Thatch: Meet me in Charles-towne. One month from today.


Edward and Thatch acquired a small amount of medicine and made plans to get more.



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