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"The Janissaries have raised the chain across the mouth of the Haliç (Golden Horn) and ordered a full blockade until you are caught."
―Yusuf Tazim to Ezio Auditore.[src]

The Destruction of the Great Chain was an event during the Renaissance that occurred in the year 1511, of which the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze destroyed the Great Chain across Constantinople's Golden Horn.

This allowed Ezio to depart from the city, and journey to the Byzantine Templars' headquarters of Derinkuyu.

Destruction and escape[]

"Those ships are armed. They're waiting to stop your boat. You take care of them. We will clear the docks."
―Yusuf informing Ezio of the fleet obstructing the Golden Horn, 1511.[src]

Following his meeting with Yusuf, Ezio made his way to one of the towers that the Great Chain was anchored to. Surreptitiously maneuvering past the alert Janissaries, Ezio placed the bomb on one of the tower's windows. Triggering the explosive by shooting it with his Hidden Gun, Ezio cautiously observed as the tower gave way, pulling the Great Chain along with it.[1]

With the Great Chain sunk, Ezio scrambled across a zipline, reaching a ship stationed at the Golden Horn. Meanwhile, Yusuf and his Assassins aided Ezio by eliminating the guards on the docks.[1]

Once at the vessel, Ezio eliminated several guards and made his way to a Greek Fire spray nozzle situated on the bow of the ship. Utilizing the Greek Fire, Ezio destroyed the fleet and the riflemen obstructing his departure from the Golden Horn. With the entire waterway engulfed in flames, Ezio left the weapon, and carefully navigated across the ignited ships.[1]

After an arduous venture through the incinerated vessels on the waterway, Ezio ultimately arrived at his own ship. Greeted sardonically by fellow Assassin and captain of the ship, Piri Reis, Ezio apologized for the impediment. With their route to Cappadocia unobstructed, the vessel began navigating the waters of the Golden Horn.[1]


Subsequent to the Great Chain's destruction, the Ottoman navy was crippled from the destruction and incineration. Upon arriving at Derinkuyu, Ezio made his way inside the city, and met with one of Tarik Barleti's Ottoman spies, Dilara.

Another Assassin, Murat Bin Husn, who's also a Janissary.[2] Fearing for their lives, Murat and his family fled from the city.[3]