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Desmond Miles' team was a group of Assassins operating in the 21st century. They played a major role in the preventing the Second Disaster which could destroy the Earth.


Infiltrating the Animus Project

In November 2000, the Templars Order led the Great Purge against their arch nemesis the Assassins Brotherhood.[1] William Miles became the de facto Mentor of the remaining Assassins, training them in The Farm, a secret facility in the Black Hills. In 2003, his sixteen years old son Desmond refused to continue the Assassins way and flew to New York City.[2]

In 2005, William had trained Lucy Stillman and ordered her to cut the ties with the Brotherhood to infiltrate Abstergo Industries, the front company of the Templars.[3] After some years studying cognitive neuroscience at university, Lucy was hired by Warren Vidic, the head of the Animus Project at Abstergo Industries. She went to their laboratory in Rome where she worked on the Animus, a machine which permitted to someone to experience the Genetic memory of its ancestors. As their searched Pieces of Eden, powerfull technology from the Isu, the Templars tracked individuals who had ancestors who were in contact with the Pieces of Eden to force them to relive their ancestor's memories.[4] As she couldn't left the Abstergo laboratory, Lucy sent partial schematics of the Animus to the Assassin Rebecca Crane, who constructed her own version of the Animus.[5]

Around 2010, Shaun Hastings, a British historian professor and hacker, began to reveal on WikiLeaks on the dirty activities of Abstergo Industries without knowing they were Templars. Rebecca Crane contact to Shaun to warn him to don't mess with Abstergo but he refused. In December 2010, Shaun was kidnapped by the Templars who wanted to kill him. Rebecca hacked their van and Shaun took this moment to escape.[6] After that, Shaun joined the Assassins and became a part of the team of Lucy and Rebecca.[5]

Subject 16

In 2010, as the Assassins couldn't contact Lucy, William tasked to the Assassin Clay Kaczmarek to infiltrate Abstergo Industries and hacked the personal computer of Alan Rikkin, the CEO of Abstergo.[7] As he succeeded to find information of the Animus Project, William decided that Clay would be sent undercover as a test subject in the Rome laboratory and that Lucy will protect him.[3]

In February 2011, Clay was abducted by the Lineage Discovery and Acquisition departement of Abstergo and sent to the Rome facility. There, he was known as the Subject 16. Warren Vidic searched in his genetic memory the information related to Clay's ancestor Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins during the Renaissance who had an Apple of Eden.[3]

With long exposure of the Animus, Clay developped a Bleeding Effect, seeing hallucinations of the memories of his ancestors. He was also contacted by Juno, an Isu who tasked him to help the future Subject 17, Desmond Miles.[8] During his investigation, Clay Discovered that Abstergo wanted to use the Apple of Eden in their satellite to control humanity. He also uncovered the fact that Lucy became a Templar agent and that she will manipulated him to recover the Apple for the Templars.[9]

Suffering from the Bleeding effect, Clay decided to help Desmond in his quest. He created an AI with his conscious in the Animus hardware to help Desmond. He hid in Ezio's memories Glyphs which contained information on the Assassin-Templar War but also a footage of Adam and Eve during the Isu Era.[10] He also created Rifts in Ezio's memories in Rome to permit to Desmond to speak with his AI.[11] To guide Desmond, Clay drew Cryptic Messages with his blood as clues in the laboratory before committing suicide in August 2012.[12]

Subject 17

In September 2012, Abstergo localized Desmond Miles, who became a barman in New York. They abducted him and sent him in the Animus project laboratory.[13] There, Vidic forced him to live the memories of his ancestor Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, the Mentor of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins during the Third Crusade who was in the possession of another Apple of Eden.[4]

Between the session, he investigated on what really happened in the facility. He discovered that Abstergo was the front company of the Templars and that the Subject 16 committed suicide. Lucy entered in contact with Desmond to earn his trust. After a team of Assassins was killed in a rescue mission to saved him, Lucy revealed to Desmond she was an Assassin.[4]

After a week in the laboratory, Desmond reached the memory when Altaïr saw a map with the location of other Pieces of Eden.[14] Warren pretended that the Templars didn't need to keep Desmond alive but Lucy fainted to save him by assuring they needed more information. As the two left the place, Desmond began to experience the Eagle Vision due to the Bleeding Effect. With his new capacity, he could see the Cryptic Messages left by Clay.[4]



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