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"Well, we pick our battles, I guess. So many to choose from."
―Desmond Miles' mother, regarding the course of the Brotherhood.[src]

The mother of Desmond Miles is the wife of his father, William, and paternal grandmother of Desmond's illegitimate son Elijah. She is member of the Assassin Brotherhood and a descendant of the Levantine Mentor Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, and also possesses Egyptian, Japanese, Taiwanese and French ancestry.[1]

Desmond's mother gave birth to him in 1987, and they lived together with around eleven other couples in an off-the-grid Assassin compound known as "the Farm" in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the United States. She often informed Desmond of the secret war that the Assassins were waging with the Templars, as well as the latter Order's ties to Abstergo Industries.

In 2003, Desmond ran away from the Farm, thinking his parents to be mere conspiracy freaks.[2] This was accompanied by his inability to deal with the emotional distance of his father, which his mother had grown accustomed to over time.[3] While Desmond escaped the facility, he heard his mother shouting after him but disregarded her cries for him to return.[2]

The Farm was later attacked by an Abstergo team in 2012.[4] While both she and William escaped before the team arrived, they split up to avoid detection by the Templars. After reuniting with his father at the Grand Temple, Desmond asked how she was, and William explained they would only have a chance to see her again after resolving the upcoming catastrophe. However, Desmond was never able to do so, as he was forced to sacrifice his life in order to avert the Second Disaster.[5]


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