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Deserter was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor came across a man that was to be executed by the British Army, and decided to help him.


Connor observed a group of soldiers about to execute a man.

  • Soldier: Call yourself a soldier?
    Did you really think we wouldn't come looking for you?

After dispatching the majority of soldiers, the last one grabbed the man and held him at gunpoint. The man elbowed the soldier in the ribs, giving Connor an opportune chance to shoot him. Afterwards, Connor cut the man free.

  • Connor: Are you hurt?
  • David: Nothing that won't mend. Thank you, stranger.
  • Connor: What were they doing?
  • David: This lot was dragging me through the countryside trying to make an example of a deserter... sorry now, who are you?
  • Connor: Connor. A deserter you say?
  • David: Don't much agree with the fight and I love this country so there you have it. Name's David Walston- my friends call me Big Dave. Might I ask where you live so I could repay the debt when I'm able? Might take us a while, us smithies don't earn much coin these days.
  • Connor: Our community is not far from here and we certainly could use the services of a smith. Would you consider plying your trade there?
  • David: Well, would make repaying you a spot easier. I just might!


Big Dave joined the Homestead.


  • Should Connor eliminate all the soldiers quickly enough, he could circumvent having to shoot the final guard holding Dave at gunpoint.



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