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Derratos (died 48 BCE) was a general of Ptolemy XIII who operated in the Faiyum during the 1st century BCE.


Derratos was a general in Ptolemy XIII's army who was placed in charge of taxing the Egyptians in the Faiyum region. When the Egyptians were not able to pay their taxes, Derratos would have them executed, including their children. Theodoros, a rebel leader whose father was executed by Derratos when Theodoros was still a child, pursued the Ptolemaic general across Egypt. Eventually this hunt led the rebel leader and his men to attack Derratos' camp in the Saqqara Nome in 48 BCE. The rebels were outnumbered, and their attack failed, especially since Derratos fled.[1]

Eventually, Derratos settled down in a camp situated by Lake Moeris. However, Theodoros and his men, along with the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, attacked the camp. Derratos' men were defeated, and he was captured. Theodoros shoved a fig into Derratos' mouth to remind him of who he was, and poured a jar of oil on Derratos. As Derratos tried to flee, Theodoros shot him with a fiery arrow, and Derratos burned to death.[2]



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