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Reeve Derby (died 876), also known as The Vice, was an Order of the Ancients Maegester who led the Wardens of Law sect during the late 9th century. He resided near a waterfall, and served as reeve to the village Picheringa within Eurviscire.


Late in his life, Derby became a part of the Order, as he obtained his position as reeve early in the city of his birth. Derby found great joy and desire by upholding laws as Reeve. Derby also attained the rank of Maegester, as a means to elevate and strengthen his rule, thus increasing his pleasure intake even more.[1]

The title of "The Vice" was discovered by Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, after assassinating Eanbhert and recovering a note among Derby's personal effects. The clue stated that The Vice was known to have a ruthless personality. After Tata's assassination, The Dart, the next clue dictated that The Vice lived close to a waterfall.[2]

When Ingeborg , The Firebrand, was assassinated, the clue recovered from her personal effects detailed that The Vice wore a black cape with a medallion.[3] After Grigorii, The Needle, was killed, his clue led to one's further knowledge of The Vice's ruthlessness.[4] After ridding the influence over Jorvik by Audun, The Vault, his clue revealed the true identity of The Vice: Reeve Derby.[5]

After the death of the last target, Gunilla, the last clue divulged The Vice's location, which was the village of Picheringa in Eurviscire. At the waterfall within Picheringa, Reeve Derby was attending to his duties, unknown of Eivor lurking nearby. Derby was soon assassinated by Eivor, who put a final end to the Wardens of Law's influence over England.[2]




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