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On the defense 4

Ezio overseeing the defense of a den

Whenever the Byzantine Templars attacked an Assassins Den in 16th century Constantinople, the Ottoman Assassins would engage in a Den Defense in order to maintain their control over it. Several such defenses were successfully carried out by the Italian Mentor, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, during his stay in the city.[1]

The Ottoman Assassins also helped the guilds in other Mediterranean cities to defend against Templar attacks.[2]

The process[]

During a Den Defense, Ezio had the ability to command and deploy Assassin units to defend the den from approaching Templar soldiers. Positioning themselves on rooftops and behind barricades, the Assassin forces would wait for the impending Templars. Each Assassin had a combat specialty, ranging from crossbowmen to bombers, and barricades were placed to halt Templar progression. Occasionally, deployed Assassins were killed and barricades destroyed, which would prompt Ezio to call in reinforcements.

At times, Ezio would also participate in the defense more directly, firing his Hidden Gun at approaching soldiers, which would signal his troops to attack that squadron, or, periodically, commanding a cannon to be fired at a group of soldiers or a war machine.

The Templars would attack in several waves, leaving little time between each for the Assassins to prepare. From there, they would advance up the street, pausing only if encountering a barricade. However, once the Templars reached the Den, they would not stop attacking until they forced the Assassins out or were killed.

Four types of barricades were employed during Ezio's stay: a simple wooden barricade, a Greek Fire barricade equipped with a flamethrower, a Machine Gun Barricade and a Cannon Barricade. Some of these tactics would also be employed by the Templars, who would use Machine Gun, cannons and Greek Fire against the defending Assassins, as well as war machines and heavily armored battering rams.

Known Assassin units[]

  • Assassin Leader
  • Crossbowman: An Assassin wielding a crossbow.
  • Rifleman: An Assassin wielding a rifle.
  • Air Assassin: An Assassin wielding a Hidden Blade, who would air assassinate Byzantine troops.
  • Bruiser: An Assassin wielding a sword or mace.
  • Caltrop Bomber: An Assassin wielding caltrop bombs. While not dealing much damage, they would slow down Templars caught in its effect.
  • Shrapnel Bomber: An Assassin wielding splinter bombs.

Known Templar units[]

  • Militia: Weak and poorly armored templar, though great in numbers.
  • Almogavars: Well-armored brutes carrying heavy weapons.
  • Riflemen: A Templar wielding a rifle.
  • Bombmen: Templars equipped with bombs that made short work of barricades.
  • Scouts: Quick soldiers known to climb over barricades to attack defenders behind them.
  • Infiltrators: Poorly armored, but fast Templars that evaded defenders and would go straight towards the den.
  • Stalkers: Templar who would attack the Assassin on the rooftops.