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On the defense 4

Ezio overseeing the defense of a den

Whenever the Byzantine Templars attacked an Assassins Den in 16th century Constantinople, the Ottoman Assassins would engage in a Den Defense in order to maintain their control over it. Several such defenses were successfully carried out by the Italian Mentor, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, during his stay in the city.

The Ottoman Assassins also helped the guilds in other Mediterranean cities to defend against Templar attacks.

The process

During a Den Defense, Ezio had the ability to command and deploy Assassin units to defend the den from approaching Templar troops. Positioning themselves on rooftops and behind barricades, the Assassin forces would wait for the impending waves of Templars. Each Assassin had a combat specialty, ranging from crossbowmen to bombers, and barricades could also be placed to halt Templar progression. In order to call in assistance, morale was used to deploy Assassins and build barricades, which was gained automatically over time and sometimes from looting Templar corpses. Occasionally, deployed Assassins could be killed and barricades destroyed, which would prompt Ezio to call in replacement troops and construct new blockades.

He could also participate in the defense more directly, by firing his Hidden Gun at approaching soldiers, which would signal his troops to attack that squadron, or, periodically, command a cannon to be fired at a group of soldiers or a war machine.

The Templars would attack in several waves, leaving little time between each for the Assassins to prepare. From there, they would advance up the street, pausing only once encountering a barricade. On their death, Templar soldiers could be looted for akçe, bomb ingredients or morale points. However, once the soldiers reached the Assassin Den, they would begin attacking it, and would not stop until they forced the Assassins out or were killed.

List of Assassin units

  • Assassin Leader: Leaders would not attack the Byzantine soldiers, but they were vital, as other Assassins weren't allowed onto the rooftops unless there was a leader there. Leaders would also increase morale over time.
  • Barricade: Barricades would be placed in the streets to slow the Templars' progression to the Den. Assassins could also be deployed to barricades to help defend them. Typically, one barricade would be placed in front of the Den, as a precaution at the start of the battle.
    • Greek Fire Barricade: A barricade mounting a flamethrower, with high damage and short range.
    • Machine Gun Barricade: A barricade mounting a repeating gun with average range, low damage, and high rate of fire.
    • Cannon Barricade: A barricade mounting a small cannon with long range and high damage, but had a very low rate of fire.
  • Crossbowman: An Assassin wielding a crossbow. Possessed a high rate of fire, but dealt relatively low damage.
  • Rifleman: An Assassin wielding a rifle. Dealt large amounts of damage, but had a lower rate of fire than crossbowmen.
  • Air Assassin: An Assassin wielding a Hidden Blade. These Assassins would air assassinate Byzantine troops, though they couldn't attack again quickly, as they would have to climb back up to the rooftops.
  • Bruiser: An Assassin wielding a medium weapon. Highly adept at melee, but had no ranged capability.
  • Caltrop Bomber: An Assassin wielding caltrop bombs. While not dealing much damage, they would slow down Templars caught in its effect.
  • Shrapnel Bomber: An Assassin wielding splinter bombs. They would deal damage in a large radius, but couldn't throw the bombs often.

List of Templar units

  • Militia: Weak and poorly armored, their primary danger was in their numbers.
  • Almogavars: Well-armored brutes carrying heavy weapons, though they would move slowly, making them easy targets.
  • Riflemen: Equipped with a rifle, these Templars could return fire at rooftop Assassins, but had a low rate of fire and weak armor.
  • Bombmen: Slow and poorly armored, but were equipped with bombs that would make short work of barricades.
  • Scouts: Poorly armored, but were fast and could climb over barricades to attack defenders behind them.
  • Infiltrators: Like scouts, they were poorly armored, but fast. However, they evaded defenders and would go straight towards the den.
  • Stalkers: Highly dangerous in melee, they attacked Assassins on the rooftops instead of in the streets.
  • War Machines: Heavily armored and slow, these were usually brought in at the very end of an assault.
    • Ram: A heavily armored battering ram. It was limited to melee attacks, but dealt high amounts of damage.
    • Greek Fire: A heavily armored platform with a flamethrower mounted on it. It dealt large amounts of damage near-constantly, but was limited to close range.
    • Machine Gun: A heavily armored platform that fired projectiles over a long distance, dealing average damage. It was, however, ineffective against barricades.
    • Cannon: A heavily armored platform with a mounted cannon. It had a very low rate of fire, but dealt extraordinary amounts of damage and had a long range.


  • The environment in the surrounding area of a den defence is vastly different to itself outside of a den defence many roofs are taken away or added elsewhere, and the streets are wider
  • Successful Den Defenses counted toward the experience gained by recruits not currently away on contracts.
  • Den Defenses noticeably got harder each time it happened, or when there were fewer dens immune to further attacks. Therefore it was advisable to keep Den Defenses to a minimum until all Den Leaders were Master Assassins.
  • Its advised to try unlock the Iron Curtain achievement, for completing a den defence without using a Cannon, on the 1st Den defence, there's moments the templar will not attack, allowing you to amass Morale Points,
  • If you accidetally pressed the Cannon button, L1 on the ps4, you can press R1 to stop the cannon firing
    • You must have held L1 then Released it after you pressed R1 and went into the assassin menu
  • The 1st den defence consists of 125 templar, 67 Militia , 54 Almogavars and 4 Ram templar,
  • the 1st wave  consists of 2 Sqaudren's Compiled from 8 Militia, 
  • 2nd wave  2 Sqaudren's Complied from 12 Militia ,
  • 3rd wave  3 Sqaudren's Complied from 8 Militia 8 Almogavars, 
  • 4th wave 5 Sqaudren's Compiled from 40 Militia 5 Almogavars , 
  • 5th wave  6 Sqaudren's Complied from 20 Militia 20 Almogavars,  
  • 6th wave  1  Ram War Machine Manned by 4 Militia,
  • The 2nd den defence has 111 templar, 31 Rifleman, 40 Militia, 35 Almogavars,and 5 templar manning a Flamethrowing War Machine
  • The 1st wave 3 sqaudrens complied from 10 Militia and 5 Almogavars 
  • The 2nd wave  5 sqaudrens complied from 12 Rifleman and 5 Almogavars
  • The 3rd wave 5 sqaudrens complied from  20 Militia  8 Rifleman and 5 Almogavars
  • The 4th wave 6 sqaudrens complied from  20 Almogavars  5 Rifleman and 10 Militia 
  • The 5th wave 3 sqaudrens complied of 5 War Machine Militia,and  6 Rifleman  
  • Killing Militia rewards you with 1 morale, Almogavars,and  Rifleman reward you with 3 morale. 
  • If a assassin kills a Militia Templar it is worth 1 Morale point, however on rare occasion will be worth 3,  has been noted occuring in close range near the den, 
  • Destroying the ram will not add to your kill count in statistics if you do not fire final shot
  • If you do not use the Cannon it is worth 15% synchronization and is necessary to obtain 100% synchronization 
  • Losing a barricade counts as a Assassin death, you can lose 2 and still gain the full 20% synchronization
  •  On the end game scorecard morale will cap at 150 and add a max 15% to full synchronization
  • Den health will cap at 50% synchronization
  •  Assassin leaders will reward you with 2 morale each every 10 seconds
    • You can place all 4 Assassin leaders on all 4 roofs from the beggining, if you do so as fast as possible at the beggining, before a notication about placing a Crossbowman occur's 
    • You can amass as many Morale points as you want rom the beggining if you dont place a crossbowman, the Templar will not begin attacking, until you have placed 2 Crossbowman,
    •    This will occur again after the 1st wave of templar, once you receive a notication about placing a Barricade, and again after the 2nd wave once You receive a notication about placing a Rifleman,
    • You receive 480 points every 10 minutes max, Its recommended to wait 20 minutes,
    • It takes 1005 points to max out everything, and place every rifleman and barricade with full upgrades including the starting barricade its 980, including the first 2 obligatory Crossbowman its 970 
    •  Barricades count as Assassins in the end score card,
    • Barricades can be repaired once destroyed if a assassin was placed behind it but counts as a lost assassin 
    • Barricades will Kill automatically any templer it is placed behind, if a templer runs into it as they flee 
    • Barricades cost 10 Morale, 15 for level 2 upgrades and 15 for level 3 upgrades
    •  Assassin leaders cost 10 Morale, Crossbowman 7 Morale, Rifleman 15 Morale 
    • Assassin leaders wont count as assassin you placed in the den defence statistics within the pause menu
    • It costs 15 Morale to place a Rifleman on a Barricade and 10 for a Arrowman,  
    • it costs 5,12 and 20 Morale to remove a Barricade, less if damaged
    • It costs 5 to recall a Arrowman and 7 to remove a Rifleman less if injured,
    • You can tell how much health a Assassin has by how much it costs to recall them
    • You wont be able to loot bodies while the notication to place something is up
  • If templars find themselves outnumbered by your Assassin's they will flee, from as few as 2
  • You can place 5 Barricade's at once and place 3 Assassin's by each of them, totalling in 15 Assassin's
    • However the Barricade that is already placed at the start of den defence can only place 2 unless upgradeed  
  • You can place 4 Assassin leaders on a roof each and place 9 Assassin's by them, totalling in 40 Assassin's
  • There are 2 Assassin's stationed permanently on  the Assassin den roof's
  • Barricades cannot be removed or upgraded if being attacked, and cannot be removed if Assassin's are placed
  • Barricades can be returned to full health if upgraded,
  • Removing all barricades and placing the maximum amount of rifleman on the roof will destroy the Ram before it gets halfway to the Assassin Den, they must be placed ASAP, preferably closest to the Ram entrance  
  • Assassin Arrowman will only shoot within 5 or so metres from where they are placed Rifleman will shoot 10
  • Assassin's placed on the roof's closest to you will shoot further than those placed on the opposite side
  •  If a Templar Ram destroys your Barricade, you can recall any Assassin's placed, before the ram is halfway past 
  • Selecting to replay the mission will not reset any kills in your statistics you gained in the previous attempt  
    • On the ps4 Ezio Collection edition of Assassin creed Revelations, the game will auto save once you begin allowing you to make a back up copy of your game save, allowing you to play this as many times as you wish, without it effecting your statistics, you will load directly into the Den defence apon loading your save.



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