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This article is about the 5th century BCE Athenian general. You may be looking for the 1st century BCE judge in Cyrene.
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Demosthenes (died 413 BCE) was an Athenian general who lived during the 5th century BCE, and participated in the Peloponnesian War.


Demosthenes was not content with how his leaders in the Athenian army waged the war. Preferring a different approach, he devised his own strategy and tasked the misthios, Kassandra several times with gathering seals from Spartan generals in order to weaken their army.[1] His Spartan counterpart, Lysander, did the same in turn.[2]

Personality and characteristics

Unlike his Spartan counterpart, Lysander, Demosthenes was more humble, motivated less by his own gain and more in winning the war in the most efficient way possible. Where Lysander wanted to prove himself and rise in the ranks, Demosthenes simply desired to serve Athens in the best way he knew how even if that meant going behind the backs of his superiors. [citation needed]


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