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Demons in the Desert was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Rumours of demons and missing villagers lead Bayek into the desert in search of a lost boy.


Bayek came across a note on Hotephres' trireme.

  • The missing people of Dionysias:
    Entire villages of people in the Dionysias area have disappeared. There are rumours of gods and demons. Someone at the Dionysias Caravanserai could know more.
  • Bayek: Entire villages of people have disappeared in Psenhyris. There are rumours at the caravanserail that Demons have invaded.
    Demons? I've never seen one. I should check this out.

Bayek made his way towards Dionysias. Near the town, Bayek saw a man walking along the road, seeming mad and ranting.

  • Addaya: I escaped Anubis. I looked the demons in their black and burning eyes. Then the gods danced me from my shackles! Ha-ha!
    I saw the beasts with my own eyes! Demons! Twenty hands tall, with cruel forked tongues and black skin. Their eyes... burned me...

Bayek halted the man.

  • Addaya: Everyone is gone! The monsters took them while we farmed. Gods! Save us!
  • Bayek: What happened to you?
  • Addaya: We were all attacked by Demons. They took the boy.
  • Bayek: What boy? Why didn't anyone stop them?
  • Addaya: I tried... I'm just a farmer, not a warrior. The boy was mad! He thought he could fight the demons. He's just a boy, at the broken tower. I ran away. I'm... (sobbing)

The man walked away from Bayek, continuing his rant.

  • Bayek: A ruined tower? I cannot leave a boy alone in the desert. I must find him.

With the help of Senu, Bayek located the ruined tower and the boy. Approaching the tower, he mused.

  • Bayek: This must be the ruined tower the madman spoke about. Not all of his story was insanity, then.

The tower was surrounded by hyenas, and Bayek slew them. Then he climbed the tower, and addressed the young man there.

  • Bayek: Boy, what are you doing out here alone?
  • Rahotep: My business is my own. Why is a protector coming here?
  • Bayek: There are rumors of disappearing villagers, demons, and a missing boy.
  • Rahotep: Our village did not disappear! We were taken by bandits. I'm the only one left. But I am going back to save my father.
  • Bayek: If you go into the desert alone, you will die.
  • Rahotep: Then I die. I can do nothing else.
  • Bayek: You are brave, but foolish. A son's duty to his father is to live. I cannot let you go alone.

As they were leaving the tower, the hyenas surrounded them anew, and they killed them.

  • Rahotep: Okay, where were we?
    Come if you want to. My duty is to save my father.
  • Bayek: You are just a boy, but you have the conviction of a man. Your father would be proud.
  • Rahotep: We have to hurry. The desert will take us if the hyenas do not find us first. Follow me!

They mounted camels, and Rahotep took the lead. A sandstorm rose.

  • Bayek: Sandstorm. We must face it straight on.
  • Rahotep: I don't have the time to wait.

They headed out into the desert.

  • Bayek: Your father... are you certain he lives?
  • Rahotep: No, but I have to try. My mother passed many floods ago. I do not remember her. My father raised me alone.
    I have to return his horse to him. Alive or dead, he will need it in the afterlife.
    If he lives, I will save him. If he does not, I will honor him with my death. And we will ride through the Field of Reeds together.

They reached the White Desert Oasis, and dismounted by the lake.

  • Bayek: Boy, you must stay here. The way forward is dangerous. I will do everything in my power to rescue your father.
  • Rahotep: Saving my father is my duty, not yours. I am not a boy. I am Rahotep of Dionysias, and I am going.
  • Bayek: I am Bayek of Siwa and I will not take you into danger.
  • Rahotep: You are not taking me. I am taking myself.
  • Bayek: Ah, damn you, Rahotep. I should have tied you to a tree.
  • Rahotep: You have only just met me. Yet I have answered all your questions truthfully.
    I am going to save my father. You have no duty here. You cannot forbid me anything. I am not your son.
  • Bayek: You are not the only one with a duty. I am a Medjay, and my duty is to protect.
  • Rahotep: Medjay? There are none of you left. Just Phylakes who sack our villages and kill our mothers. Protectors are corrupt. We need new Medjay. New protectors.
  • Bayek: We need people and Medjay to be as one, Rahotep.

For a while, they sailed in silence.

  • Rahotep: I don't see it. Is the goddess the answer? Cleopatra?
  • Bayek: I cannot say for certain. But someone has to do what the Medjay did. Honour and Egypt are both dying.
  • Rahotep: I will have children and teach them. So that honour will live on in them.

They reached Desert Waterfalls Hideout.

  • Rahotep: Over here! Stay low! We're near the bandit camp. Their guards can see us.

They left the boat, and snuck closer.

  • Bayek: Rahotep, my son was like you. He also fought a man's battle, and died doing it. Would you stay hidden?
  • Rahotep: All right, Bayek. I will listen to you in this. But if you fall, I will take your place.
    See the lookout tower there? The guards, from time to time, abandon their post to piss. We can pass through then.
  • Bayek: You have an eye for strategy. Your father should be proud. Now keep to the shadows, and wait.

Rahotep remained behind while Bayek infiltrated the camp. After dealing with the bandits in the camp, Bayek found villagers, locked up in a cage.

  • Bayek: Villagers! Let's go.

He freed them.

  • Turo: We need to leave this area. Quickly, this way. They left horses over here.
    Hurry! Let's go!

Bayek escorted the farmers out of the hideout. Rahotep approached them.

  • Turo: Rahotep! You are alive!
  • Rahotep: Is everyone ok? Where is my father?
  • Turo: Rahotep, I'm sorry. The demons took him to their crocodile pit. How can anyone fight them?
  • Rahotep: Demons do not bleed as these do. Listen to me. Each of you owes your life to my father.
    Turo! Remember he took a lashing to protect your daughter's honor? And you! Remember he crossed the desert to get your sick father a healer?
    Now my father need you. If he lives, we save him. If not, we avenge him. Either way we fight!

Rahotep drew his sword to make his point, and the men cheered.

  • Turo: Truly you are your father's son. You are right, Rahotep. Demons or not we will follow you!

They mounted the horses.

  • Bayek: Are we ready?
  • Rahotep: We have been ready since the day the demon bandits attacked.
    We ride to save my father. And may Amun ride with us! Hyah!
  • Man: You have my spear! Death to Son of Ra's bandits!
  • Man: Death to those who profit from The Crocodile's stench!

Together, they charged at the hideout. After killing all the bandits, they found Rahotep's father, and Bayek carried him out of the hideout.

  • Rahotep's father: Who's there? What is happening? No more please!
    Who are you? Why are you here?
  • Bayek: A friend. Can you walk? We need to get you out of here.
  • Rahotep's father: I don't think so. I can't see. They... tortured and blinded me. There is a dock outside of the camp that is safe.
ACO Demons in the Desert 2

Rahotep reunited with his father.

They left the hideout, and headed to a stretch of sand, where a boat waited. Bayek laid the man down, and Rahotep embraced him.

  • Rahotep: Father! You live! ...What's wrong?
  • Rahotep's father: The demons... have taken my eyes, but they could not take my son. You saved me, Rahotep.
  • Turo: He saved us all! He slew five of the demons alone! I saw it!
  • Rahotep's father: Rahotep, you are a man today. You have earned your horse. I can no longer lead. You must lead us now.
  • Rahotep: Father, Bayek of Siwa is also here. He fought with us.
  • Rahotep's father: You will always be honoured at our village. We will make a feast tonight. Will you join us?
  • Bayek: Your son is brave. I am glad to have helped him... though I doubt he will need help in the future. He will lead you well.
    Now I must go to hunt my own demons.

With that, Bayek left the farmers.


Bayek saved the farmers taken by the bandits.


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