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Demon Fire was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Attempting to meet her friend, Empress Zhang, Shao Jun ended up being face-to-face with Qiu Ju and Zhang Yong.


  • Zhang: We meet again, Shao Jun. I recognized you in Nan'an. I remembered that you were once a Concubine, along with the Empress. She was more than willing to lure you here.
  • Empress: Lies! I had no choice...
  • Zhang: She chose to live. Her life meant more to her than yours. Who would blame her?
  • Jun: I forgive you, sister.
  • Zhang: Your forgiveness is touching, but useless. There will no rebirth of the Assassins' Brotherhood. You have no friends left. The last person alive who you thought you could trust betrayed you. That is how we wiped out your kind! So trusting of others, so weak and pathetic! The same qualities your Master showed just before I killed him.
  • Jun: Come closer, and I'll show you how weak and pathetic I am...
  • Qiu: Master, allow me.

After a fierce battle, Shao Jun slew Qiu Ju.

  • Jun: This whole city is going to go up in flames. I need to get out of here...

As Shao Jun ran through the city, several guards attempted to impede her progress.

  • Guard 1: Watch out for the Assassin.
  • Guard 2: With all this smoke how can we see her?
  • Guard 3: Hunt the Assassin down!
  • Guard 4: Get these fires under control!
  • Prisoner: You can't treat us like this!


Shao Jun killed Qiu Ju and escaped the city.



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