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"There will never be consensus, son, among those you have helped to ascend. They will all differ in their views of what it means to be free. The peace you so desperately seek does not exist."
Haytham Kenway explaining why the Templars oppose democracy.[src]

News on the 2000 United States election

Democracy is an egalitarian form of government of a nation, in which all its citizens determine the public policies and laws of their state via equal rights and entitlement to an opinion. In most cases of democracy, the equal voices of citizens are gathered via votes for political parties.

Democracy was a favored form of government for the Assassin Order.[1] However, the Templar Order heavily opposed democracy, often manipulating and sabotaging the voting system of the United States to plant their own puppets in the position of President.[1] One such notable occasion was during the 2000 election, where the Templars succeeded in installing George W. Bush as their puppet in the White House.[2]

In the 5th century BCE, democracy was the preferred government of the Greek city-state of Athens, which was led by Perikles during the early years of the Peloponnesian War. However, the Plague of Athens allowed the demagogue Kleon to stoke the populace's fear of the plague itself and of Sparta, and as a result, he took control of the city-state through the very same "will of the people" that had once put Perikles in charge.[3]


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