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Demilitarization is a memory in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

With the Apple of Eden in his possession, Ezio Auditore returns to the Tiber Island hideout. Niccolò Machiavelli, La Volpe, Bartolomeo d'Alviano and Claudia have already assembled there.


  • Ezio: Rodrigo Borgia is dead.
  • Machiavelli: And Cesare?
  • Ezio: Poisoned, but alive.
  • Machiavelli: We must not allow him to assemble his remaining supporters. The coming weeks are critical.
  • Ezio: With your aid I will hunt him down.
  • Bartolomeo: My men will patrol the city, but we might need an army.
  • Ezio: We have one. (Shows the Apple to them.)

Power of The Apple

Ezio reaches the location of meeting between Cesare and his Guard Captains.
  • Casare: You must find them.
  • Guard Captain: They are everywhere and nowhere at once.
  • Cesare: I do not care how you do it.
  • Guard Captain: We cannot on our own, Signore (Sir). You must help us.
  • Cesare: I am ill, you idioti (idiots). Micheletto will soon be here with my armies and then you will see how quickly the Assassini (Assassins) fall.
  • Ezio: You delude yourself, Cesare.
  • Cesare: Guards!
Cesare leaves his guards behind to fight Ezio, while he escapes. Ezio uses the Apple to dispatch the guards. The civilians are scared, seeing the capabilities of the artifact.
  • Bystanders: What sorcery is this?
    He has God on his side!
    Please Lord, do not smite me!
    How is this possible?
    Il Diavolo (The Devil)!


Cesare's military power within Rome is reduced.


  • While using the Apple, no weapon or tool can be used.
  • A glitch can occur while using the apple: If you interact with a pigeon coop while holding the apple, you will automaticly switch to the hidden blade, however this will mess up the combat.


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