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Demeter's Fire was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra sought to find a way to let Barnabas be with his daughter Leda.


  • Kassandra: I'm doing this for you, Barnabas. I just hope you never find out.

At night, Kassandra set the grain silos in Leda's farm alight.

  • Kassandra: Gods forgive me.

After setting the whole farm burning, Kassandra watched nearby. Leda rushed to the scene, shocked.

  • Leda: I can't believe it. Who would do this?

  • Kassandra: You asked Demeter to send you a sign. I'd say this is it. She wants you to be with your father, Leda.
  • Leda: Demeter is right. She always is. Staying here means living in the past. My future is on the ocean, living the life my mater was meant to live. You still have room for one more on your crew?

She offered her hand, and Kassandra clasped it with a smile.

  • Kassandra: Welcome aboard.

  • Kassandra: It was me. I did it for Barnabas and I did it for you.

Leda looked at her, aghast.

  • Leda: I... After everything I worked for, everything I fought for. I will find a way to rebuild. And I will get my vengeance.
    Until then, get off my farm and
    never come back.

Leda walked off, enraged, while Kassandra looked after her.


Kassandra snuck into Leda's farm and burned the grain silos to the ground. This led Leda to reconsider her life.


  • This is a 'hidden' quest: the only way to trigger it is to set one of Leda's silos on fire.
  • It is unknown if Leda follows up on her promise if Kassandra confesses to setting the farm on fire.



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