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Demet was an eldery Egyptian who resided in the Sinai during the reign of Cleopatra.


In around 38 BCE, Demet had had his wife mummified, intending to place her body in the necropolis in the mountains above Klysma Quarry. However, the necropolis was rumored to be haunted, screams and laughter emanating from within causing him uneasiness during his journey towards the mountains.[1]

Eventually, Demet was unable to continue, stopping halfway in his tracks. The Hidden One Bayek of Siwa came across the old man, having decided to investigate the necropolis. Bayek offered to assist Demet with delivering his wife's body to the necropolis, which he accepted. Sometime thereafter, Demet met with Bayek outside the tomb, where the Hidden One remarked that his wife was at peace, having dealt with the haunting within the necropolis.[1]