Delivery (Limassol Port)

Eraicon-Memories.png Eraicon-Bloodlines.png Delivery was a visual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories in the Animus 1.28.


Altaïr and Maria met with Alexander to discuss the next course of action.


Altaïr and Maria met with Alexander near the port.

  • Alexander: Despite his bravado, Bouchart obviously took Maria's warning seriously. My sources tell me that after destroying our safehouse he immediately sailed for Kyrenia.
  • Altaïr: That's a shame. I was hoping to meet him. What's the fastest route there?
  • Alexander: By boat, definitely. But those pirates won't let you hop aboard one of their ships without good reason. Find a man named Pasha in the Ports. Tell him to honor the favor he owes me, and he might be able to get you on the next ship heading north.
  • Altaïr: You're a well connected man, Alexander.

Altaïr left, and located Pasha in the port.

  • Altaïr: Alexander is calling in his favor, Pasha. He needs you to find me safe passage to Kyrenia.
  • Pasha: Ah, haha... you must be the resistance cutthroat I've heard stories about. Chasing down Armand Bouchart, are you? Armand and his precious cargo?
  • Altaïr: Cargo. Tell me more...
  • Pasha: Oh, I've just heard rumors. Holy artifacts of all kinds on these ships. For all I know he's got the Ark of the Covenant hidden somewhere nearby.
  • Altaïr: Enroute to the Templar Archive, no doubt.
  • Pasha: Your guess is as good as mine. As for your transport... meet me on the docks later this afternoon and I'll see that you get safely aboard.
  • Altaïr: There will be two of us. We won't be late.

Pasha left, while Altaïr thought about the Templar transports.

  • Altaïr: I'm curious about this Templar cargo. The ship's manifest might contain clues about what the Templars are bringing to their archive. I should have a look now before we set sail... before the ship is crawling with pirates.
Delivery Limassol Port 3.png
Altaïr examining the manifest
Altaïr made his way below decks, and found the manifest.
  • Altaïr: This manifest is a mess... a shoddy job done by lazy men.... unless this is a deliberate attempt to hide something.

On the way back, Altaïr overheard the pirate captain speaking with one of his men.

  • Captain: Where is that damned fool? Where is my first mate?
  • Pirate: He's gone ashore, captain.
  • Captain: In search of wine and women, eh? Listen: we sail for Kyrenia in two hours. If he's not back in one, he's off this ship. The Templars aren't paying me to play servant to a bunch of drunks.

Altaïr returned to Alexander and Maria.

  • Altaïr: I found a ship headed for Kyrenia. We're leaving now.
  • Maria: If you expect me to behave while you drag me onto a boat full of pirates, you're mistaken.
  • Altaïr: If the pirates find you, they'll hand you over to the Templars for a handsome reward. Right back into Bouchart's hands.
Delivery Limassol Port 6.png
Alexander telling Altaïr to contact Barnabas
  • Alexander: I wish you luck, Altaïr. Kyrenia is a rough place these days, but we have many friends in the city watch. Look for a man named Barnabas in the Commons district. I have not heard from him for some weeks, however, so you may be on your own.
  • Altaïr: Thank you Alexander. If I return to Limassol, I will report all that I have learned.
  • Alexander: By then we will have established ourselves in a new safehouse. Find us there.

Altaïr and Maria left for the ship. Later on, Altaïr wrote a Codex entry.

  • Altaïr: I struggle to make sense of the Apple of Eden... its function and purpose, but I CAN say with certainty that its origins are not divine. No... it is a tool... a machine of exquisite precision. What sort of men were they who brought this marvel into the world?


Altaïr and Maria secured their passage to Kyrenia aboard a pirate ship.


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