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Dekelia was a deme and village in northern Attika, serving as a trade route connecting Euboea with Athens, Greece.


During the Peloponnesian War, Heitor, a former Kephallonian and mentor of the misthios Kassandra, moved to the village, forging weapons for the Athenians stationed there. In 431 BCE, Kassandra visited her friend during her travels throughout Greece.[1] The Athenian citizen Timon, who was a misanthrope, also sought refuge in a farm and tower near the village.[2]

Later around 413 BCE, the village was taken over by the Spartans, who converted it into a base at Alkibiades' recommendation. The location of the village allowed the Spartans to be at the crossroads of supply routes, aiding them in their war against Athens.[3]


  • In-game, Dekelia is permanently occupied by Spartan forces as early as 431 BCE while historically they didn't take control until 413 BCE, about ten years after the game's end.



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