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A male elk

The deer family, or cervidae, are a group of hoofed mammals found in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa, that notably includes the larger elk species.


5th century BCE[]

In the 5th century BCE deer inhabited the wilds of Greece. Their antlers were valued at 9 drachmae per pair.[1]

Of special note among the deer was the Hind of Keryneia, who roamed the forests of Artemision Point in Euboea, until the Spartan misthios Kassandra hunted it down and slew it.[2]


Towards the end of 1500, Rodrigo Borgia was charged by a stag during a hunting trip.[3]

18th century[]

Deer were also common in River Valley and Glace Bay during the Seven Years' War. The Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Cormac hunted deer often for crafting purposes or as part of hunting challenges.[4] The Kanien'kehá:ka Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton was adept at hunting deer and female elk, as well as fighting male elk. During his exploration of the North American frontier, he was informed of a buck rumored to be impervious to firearms,[5] and of an overly aggressive elk.[6] He successfully hunted both animals.

20th century[]

Nikolai Orelov trained his son Kenya to hunt deer. However, Kenya found it difficult to kill the animal after shooting it, despite Nikolai's orders to end its suffering.[7]

Animus mods[]

In 2020, while reliving Eivor's genetic memories through the Portable Animus HR-8.5, the Assassin Layla Hassan modified the Animus interface to allow for a variety of skins to be applied to her horse:[8]

Image Name Description Availability
Cailleach Bhéara With antlers calling lightning and hooves resounding like thunder, the stories of shapeshifting gods does not seem so far-fetched now. Reda's Shop or Taranis Pack
Duneyrr Reda's Shop or Mystical Pack
Dvalinn This mythical beast normally feasts on leaves from the World Tree, but will accompany you briefly while it rests its neck. Reda's Shop or Niflheim Pack
Hreinnn Stable merchant in level 6 Ravensthorpe

Behind the scenes[]

In Assassin's Creed III, the only live male white-tailed deer appears during "The Patriarch" memory, while a dead one is strung up next to Myriam's hunting cabin. Fawns (young deer) were also encountered occasionally with does (adult females), but they could not be killed.