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Decoding Da Vinci was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore returned to Leonardo's workshop after obtaining the final painting. Salaì searched every painting, but found nothing until Ezio used his gift to search the paintings. Ezio found several invisible drawings on the paintings and drew them out on paper, seeing them as pieces of a map. Ezio properly aligned the pieces and found the location to the vault.


Ezio entered Leonardo's workshop, where Salaì was examining one of the recovered paintings.

  • Ezio: Have you found anything?
  • Salaì: Nothing is there, no pages, nothing.
  • Ezio: That cannot be. Something must be special about them. Think.
  • Salaì: I am done thinking. These paintings are a blank slate.
  • Ezio: Salaì, doesn't Leonardo conceal his research?
  • Salaì: He frequently writes backwards... Ezio, he also experimented with inks, including an ink that vanishes! But we can't see invisible ink... can we? Ezio, use your gift!
  • Ezio: You know about that too?
Decoding Da Vinci 2

Ezio by Annunciation

Ezio spoke to Salaì as he sat by the fireplace.

  • Ezio: I am going to solve this.
  • Salaì: I hope so. I cannot take much more.
  • Salaì: Do you think they would hurt him? Leonardo is terrified of violence.
  • Ezio: Unfortunately, this world is a violent place.
  • Salaì: Don't look at me, I cannot see them.

Ezio began to search the paintings for clues.

  • Ezio: There are drawings on the paintings!
  • Salaì: We were right!

He continued to scan the remaining paintings for more clues.

  • Ezio: Found another!
    This one has been searched entirely.
    I see a drawing.
    Everything found.
    I found one.
    I found two drawings.
    There were two in this one as well.
    Got one!
Decoding Da Vinci 3

Ezio with the pieces of the map

  • Salaì: You have finished with that one, I see.
  • Ezio: I've found all the images. They seem to fit together.
  • Salaì: Draw them already!
  • Ezio: Bring me paper and ink.

Ezio drew the images on sheets of paper.

  • Salaì: Is that a map? Show me the entrance.
  • Ezio: I must first position its pieces.
  • Salaì: Wait! What about the burned paintings?
  • Ezio: It is likely the missing parts will not be needed.
  • Salaì: Care to bet on that?
  • Ezio: No.

Ezio put together the recovered pieces of the map.

  • Ezio: Here! The entrance to the catacombs!
  • Salaì: Go. Bring him back to me.
  • Ezio: Hang on, old friend. I am coming.


Ezio discovered the entrance to the catacombs and departed for them in search of his closest friend.


  • The title of this memory, "Decoding Da Vinci", is most likely a reference to the famous novel by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code.
  • This memory is one of the few instances in the series where Eagle Vision is mentioned, albeit indirectly, by another character in the game.



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