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Debt Collector was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra sought to collect Markos's debt to her from the merchant Duris. However, she had to save Phoibe first, who had been kidnapped by the Cyclops' thugs.


Kassandra rode down to Ktimene Beach where the kidnappers had taken Phoibe,

  • Kassandra: There they are. I'll sneak up on the malákes.
  • Phoibe: Lemme go!
  • Rogue: Shut it, or I'll tighten those ropes!
  • Brute: She'll make good ransom drachmae for the Cyclops.
Debt Collector - Phoibe kidnapped - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Phoibe and the kidnappers

  • Phoibe: No one's gonna buy me from you. They're all poor.
  • Kassandra: Keep quiet, Phoibe...
  • Kassandra: This tall grass will keep me hidden.

Kassandra killed an approaching bandit.

  • Kassandra: Can't let the rest of those malákes get away.

After killing the remaining bandits, Kassandra freed Phoibe.

ACOD Debt Collector - Kassandra Checking Phoibe

Kassandra checking on Phoibe

  • Phoibe: Kassandra! I'm here! Untie me!
  • Kassandra: Are you all right?
  • Phoibe: It wasn't so bad. Last time, they put a cloth in my mouth so I'd stop biting.
  • Kassandra: Phoibe, just... be careful. You're alone now, since—
  • Phoibe: Since my parents died? I'm OK, I've got you! And you've got me and Markos. We're your family, right?

At this statement, Kassandra drifted back in time to a memory involving Nikolaos and training.

Debt Collector - Kassandra training - Assassins Creed Odyssey

Myrrine watching a young Kassandra training

  • Nikolaos: You'll have to be stronger than that!
  • Myrrine: Don't give in! Let him have it!

Myrrine then knocked Kassandra down from behind with her staff.

  • Myrrine: Got you!
  • Nikolaos: Again! Up!
  • Young Kassandra: Yes, Pater.
  • Nikolaos: A Spartan rises as soon as they've fallen. Ready your staff. Widen your stance. A soldier grounds themselves. Good, good. Approach me.

Kassandra screamed right before attacking.

  • Myrrine: That's enough, Nikolaos. The sun's going down. Time to eat—don't you think?

Nikolaos waved Kassandra off, so Kassandra approached Myrinne and her baby.

  • Young Kassandra: What are we eating tonight?
  • Nikolaos: Tonight we are having baby Alexios. And what a feast he will be!
  • Young Kassandra: No, not him! Take me instead, I'm tasty!
  • Myrrine: Yes, yes, you're all sweet as honey, now, come inside. The lamb's turning black!
  • Nikolaos: Here. Lay him in his bed.
ACOD Debt Collector - Nikolaos And Kassandra

Nikolaos with Kassandra

Nikolaos handed Alexios to Kassandra.

  • Young Kassandra: Yes, Pater.

As Kassandra prepared to go into the house, Nikolaos called out to her.

  • Nikolaos: Kassandra. You are my greatest pride. Remember that. You'll bring this family to glory. Go.

Kassandra returned to the present.

  • Kassandra: Right.
  • Phoibe: You worry too much.
  • Kassandra: You don't worry enough.
  • Phoibe: We'll be all right if we watch out for each other. Which reminds me! The thugs said you should watch your back.
  • Kassandra: What'd they say?
ACOD Debt Collector - Kassandra And Phoibe Parted Ways

Kassandra and Phoibe parted ways

  • Phoibe: They said the Cyclops put a big bounty on you. Talos the Stone-Fist wants you dead.
  • Kassandra: Talos the mercenary? Am I ever not in trouble?
  • Phoibe: Better get him before he gets you. I hear he's really mean. I'll find my way back to town. Chaire!

Phoibe ran off.

  • Kassandra: Talos the Stone-Fist? That's just what I need today. Another broken nose. I'm going to have to take care of that.

Kassandra continued on, riding Phobos to Sami.

  • Kassandra: Sami. Duris will be at his shop.

Kassandra arrived in Sami, finding Duris at his shop.

  • Duris: Get your pots here! Good for the whole family!

Kassandra approached Duris.

ACOD Debt Collector - Kassandra Confronting Duris

Kassandra confronting Duris

  • Kassandra: Hello, Duris. Business looks good.
  • Duris: Tell Markos to come down here himself if he wants his money.
  • Kassandra: But I'm here now.
  • Duris: Look, I was a little late paying. Now Markos says I owe him double because of interest. I don't have it to spare!

  • Kassandra: You should have thought of that when you borrowed the drachmae, Duris.
  • Duris: But, my family—
  • Kassandra: It's hot. I'm in a bad mood, and you're going to pay. We both know it. The question is, what do I break first—you or your merchandise.

  • Kassandra: Double? That's robbery.
  • Duris: That's what I told Markos.
  • Kassandra: You know him, he's... extreme. If you pay him, this will all be over with.

  • Duris: You tell Markos I've paid enough already! I won't bow to—to—to a mercenary! Or to someone foolish enough to borrow money from the Cyclops.
  • Kassandra: From the Cyclops? That's how he bought his vineyard?
  • Duris: Look, I know you'd be dead without Markos—what with him taking you off the street as a kid. But you know what he's doing is crazy!

  • Kassandra: Maláka! Still, that doesn't change the drachmae you owe.
  • Duris: Face it—once the Cyclops gets hold of you, you'll both be dead!

  • Duris: All right, all right! I'll pay you! Just stop! Fine! The money is yours. Just leave!
  • Kassandra: Pleasure doing business with you, Duris.
  • Duris: Keep my name off your lips! I don't want the Cyclops coming after me for the debt you can't pay.

Kassandra attacked Duris.

  • Duris: Ah, that hurts! Stop, I'll pay you, stop!

Duris handed over the drachmae.

  • Kassandra: You're right about that. Forget the drachmae. Markos and I need to have a little talk.
  • Duris: You're letting me go? Then at least take this sword. Nothing special, but it's better than that rusty one you've got.
  • Kassandra: With the Cyclops involved, I'll need it.
  • Duris: You better set Markos straight. Or you're both dead!

Debt Collector - Markos threatened - Assassins Creed Odyssey

A bandit with Markos

Kassandra made the trip to the Temple of Zeus, just in time to overhear a conversation between one of the Cyclops's thugs and Markos.

  • Brute: You're running out of time until the Cyclops comes for you, maláka. He wants his money.
  • Markos: Could I have an extension?
  • Brute: When he sails back to Kephallonia, he'll come and break you as soon as he docks. If you don't get it.
  • Markos: Now, let's be civil—
  • Brute: You can't hide behind your glorious misthios forever, Markos. He'll kill you, the mercenary, and that little runt girl that hangs around.
  • Markos: Of course! Not a problem! I-I'll get the drachmae!
  • Brute: Good. Or I'll come and watch the Cyclops feed you to his goats.

Kassandra walked up just as the thug departed.

  • Markos: Ah, Kassandra! I-I can tell from the smile on your face Duris has paid you your drachmae.
  • Kassandra: Who's smiling? I just heard where you got your drachmae for the vineyard. Are you out of your fucking mind?
  • Markos: We can get the money back! C-Can't we? I'm sure it's possible!

  • Kassandra: You've made an idiotic promise, Markos. One we can't keep.
  • Markos: I thought you were invincible.
  • Kassandra: Maybe I am. But you're not.

  • Kassandra: It will take a lot of work. And even then I'm not sure.
  • Markos: We have no option but to try!
  • Kassandra: Then you'd better be willing to help. I won't do all the dirty work.

  • Kassandra: We have no other choice now. We need a plan.
  • Markos: That's what I do best!
  • Kassandra: This'll take more than your usual tricks up your sleeve.

  • Markos: I long for the old days! Remember them? They were simple! You had nothing—young and alone—and I had everything. And I gave you the world! Kephallonia—in the palm of your hand!

Kassandra again was pulled back into a memory. In the memory, Kassandra recovered after being dropped from Mount Taygetos. She heard a voice calling out for her.

  • Myrrine: KASSANDRA...!
  • Young Kassandra: Ah!
Debt Collector - Kassandra and Ikaros - Assassins Creed Odyssey

A young Kassandra with Ikaros

Kassandra pulled herself to her feet, finding fire around her, as well as the head of a spear lying on the ground. She took the spear, running through the forest with Ikaros flying overhead. Coming to a boat on the water's edge, she took it, pushing it out to see. A storm later destroyed the boat, and she washed ashore to be discovered by Markos.

ACOD Debt Collector - Kassandra Joining Markos

Kassandra joining Markos

  • Markos: Don't see fishies like you everyday, eh? You hungry? How about we make a deal? I do something for you, you do a few things for me... Everybody wins. Best offer you're gonna get! Think about it!
  • Young Kassandra: ...wait!

As the memory faded with the pair walking off together up the beach, Kassandra returned to the present.

  • Kassandra: Kephallonia. Some gift.
  • Markos: You were nothing without Markos, and look how far we've come! From an orphan on the streets to a misthios with a hovel.
  • Kassandra: And now the Cyclops will take everything away. I can't protect you from him forever. He'll kill me too.
  • Markos: Oh, don't be scared of him! Look at you!
  • Kassandra: How could I go up against him? With what weapons? A rusty spear? A broken bow?

They were interrupted by Drucilla, a local bowyer.

  • Drucilla: There you are! Skulking around a temple won't save you from me, Markos.
ACOD Debt Collector - Kassandra Markos Druccilla

Kassandra with Markos and Drucilla

  • Markos: Drucilla! I was just talking about you.
  • Kassandra: You were?
  • Drucilla: I need that wood, Markos. These new bows will be the talk of the island. I can't make anything with those bandit malákes stopping the wood shipments.
  • Markos: Of course you can't. Why, I was just filling my friend Kassandra in on the details. She already has a plan to deal with these bandits.

  • Kassandra: You know me. Always prepared.
  • Markos: What did I tell you? She will leave no stone unturned.

Kassandra looked in disbelief.

  • Markos: She's the silent but deadly type!

  • Kassandra: I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Drucilla: Of all the fucking phonies, Markos!
  • Markos: Oh, she's just playing! It's a little game we have.

  • Drucilla: I don't care who does it, but someone better gut those bandits. Today.
  • Markos: A wonderful idea. I for one, ah, need to rush home. Kassandra, I've cooked up a plan for our Cyclops dilemma. See me when you have time.

Kassandra and Dricilla were then left alone.

  • Kassandra: If you want your wood, you'll have to fix my broken bow first.
  • Drucilla: Hmm. I usually only pay when the deed is done, but shit's moving at a snail's pace. Follow me.

As they departed to Drucilla's shop, they struck up a conversation.

  • Drucilla: These bows'll make me rich as Kroisos.
  • Kassandra: They're that good, are they?
  • Drucilla: War's brewing. Then Athenians need good bows if they want to hold off the Spartans.
  • Kassandra: Everybody benefits, I guess.
  • Drucilla: Who are you, Markos? You should be tired of this small-time shit. You'd make a fortune in this war. Plus, I hear you're a secret Spartan.
  • Kassandra: That was a long time ago. I'm a Kephallonian.
ACOD Drucilla Bow

Kassandra receving her new bow

They arrived at Drucilla's shop.

  • Drucilla: Hand it over.

Later on, Drucilla returned.

  • Drucilla: There you go, good as new! That bow is as strong as Herakles himself. Give it a try.


Kassandra freed Phoibe, learning that a mercenary named Talos had been sent after her. After confronting Duris, she learned Markos borrowed drachmae from the Cyclops to purchase the vineyard.



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