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"It's nice to be a part of something. Until now I was sort of drifting about the neighborhood getting irate when I saw things unjust. Sometimes I'd intervene, other times I would come here. Now I feel like all my energy is pointed at something."
―Deborah to Connor, regarding her newfound disposition after joining the Assassins.[src]

Deborah "Dobby" Carter (born 1736) was a member of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins in the latter half of the 18th century. Situated in New York City's Northern District, she was recruited into the Brotherhood by Ratonhnhaké:ton upon his visit to the colony, but predominantly spent her time working as a courier and fighting to help the poor beforehand.

Recruiting Carter allowed Connor to use his Assassin recruits to lure away selected guards whenever they were available.


Early life

Deborah Carter was born to Amos Carter, a merchant in New York who bore a heavy debt. To combat this, Deborah turned to the streets when she was ten years old to assist her father, disguising herself as a boy to become an errand-runner and taking on the nickname "Dobby" to help hide her gender.[1]

She was forced to drop the charade after reaching puberty, though she kept her "Dobby" alias and continued with her errand work, while also operating as a mediator for businesses by negotiating contracts. Despite this, Carter had a fierce reputation for protecting the poor, often resorting to fighting merchants to ensure they were not charging exorbitant prices.[1]

Joining the Assassins

Carter met Connor in the northern part of New York City, where a famine had been affecting the population. As Connor aided the citizens, Carter discovered that a Templar merchant had been hoarding provisions, starving the populace. With her help, Connor assassinated the merchant, and she joined his cause afterward. After completing several missions assigned by Connor, Deborah rose through the ranks and eventually became a fully fledged Assassin.[2]

He would later meet with Carter at a tavern while she rested between contracts. When Deborah asked him what he planned to do "after it was all over", Connor mentioned the possibility of settling down and having a family. Deborah asked him to give her the first chance, to which he agreed.[2]

In 1781, Carter, alongside Stephane Chapheau, Duncan Little, and Jacob Zenger, helped the Marquis de Lafayette clear the tunnels to New York's militarized district as part of Connor's plot to infiltrate Fort George and assassinate Charles Lee.[2]


  • Despite Carter wearing a traditional Assassin hood in both concept art and the Animus database, it does not appear on her character model whenever Connor signaled for her assistance.
  • In combat, Deborah wielded small weapons.
  • Carter did not appear in the tunnels if Connor had not recruited her.




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