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Deathmatch is a virtual training mode that was introduced in the second stage of the Animi Training Program. In it, four to eight Abstergo recruits compete against each other in a session that lasts ten minutes.


The Deathmatch game mode functions in a similar manner to the game mode of Wanted. However, there are no skin replicates of a recruit's chosen persona, encouraging them to blend to avoid their pursuers, and to use their skills of observation to successfully identify their own targets.

With Deathmatch, there is no compass to guide the recruit; instead, they must use their target's portrait that is located in the top right corner of the Animus' heads-up display to identify and hunt them down. The inner part of the portrait lights up when one is near to their target, and the outer ring is brightly highlighted when in the line of sight of one's pursuer.

Another thing to note about Deathmatch is the size of the training maps, which differ to those in other modes. They are roughly one quarter of the size of the regular map, making for hectic, fast-paced games.


Simple Deathmatch[]

Simple Deathmatch is Deathmatch in essence, though with a slight difference, which is the exclusion of profile sets. This means that recruits will enter the game without abilities, perks, or streaks, and must therefore be more dependant on their own skills of observation, blending and planning.