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Death to Ramírez was an altered representation of one of Aguilar de Nerha's genetic memories.

Aguilar's Journal

Our visit to the Abbey de la Fuensanta was fruitful. We have learned that Ramírez's stronghold should now be guarded by a smaller force, and we have stolen the supplies intended for his men. By redistributing them to the local citizens who live in fear under the Inquisitor's ruthless control, we have done what we could to heal the wounds that Ramírez has caused to Murcia.

And now, we are ready to strike. We will infiltrate Ramírez's stronghold and end his life.


The Assassins made their way through the fortress and reached Ramírez.

  • Aguilar: Ramírez! Prepare to die for the suffering you have inflicted throughout Murcia!
  • Ramírez: Half-witted Assassins! Do you think you were unexpected? Ojeda warned me that you were coming. My loyal Officer! Deal with these incompetent Assassins while I flee this stronghold!

As Ramírez escaped, Ramírez's Officer engaged the Assassins in combat but was killed.

  • Aguilar: We have failed in our task; Ramírez has escaped. But we saw his carriage take the road to the province of Aragon. We cannot allow Ramírez to remain free. He holds the key to what Torquemada plans next. He has most likely fled to Saragossa; we must follow! He cannot have more than a day's start on us. We can also use this opportunity to find new allies and recruits there, to join us at our base and increase our numbers.


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