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Death and Taxes was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was asked by Agapios to infiltrate a warehouse and recover documents that could reveal the identity of The Dagger's leader.


While in Chalkis, Kassandra came across a man speaking to another, requesting to gain access to a warehouse.


Agapios and the civilian arguing

  • Civilian: The warehouse is off limits.
  • Agapios: But I need those records!
  • Civilian: And I need three fewer daughters, but we don't often get what we want, old friend.

Kassandra approached them.

  • Kassandra: What's going on?
  • Agapios: I'm here to check the warehouse's taxation records, but I'm being refused entry.
  • Civilian: This matter is out of my hands.
  • Agapios: Fine, the wheels of Euboea will be greased once more. How much will it cost to get me the records?
  • Civilian: That's not going to work this time, Agapios. The guards are under strict orders not to let anyone in or out of the warehouse. It's an order they will enforce, my friend. Take my advice. Stay away from that warehouse.

The man left.

  • Kassandra: It's lucky your "friend" warned you.
  • Agapios: Ha. He's just as corrupt as the rest of Euboea. I fear there's nobody honest left.

  • Kassandra: Not all mercenaries are cutthroats. I can be trusted.
  • Agapios: That remains to be seen.

  • Kassandra: This world is a haven for liars. Trust no one.
  • Agapios: But I do trust - I trust in what Euboea was, and what she can be again.

  • Kassandra: What's causing the corruption?
  • Agapios: A group called The Dagger are strangling Euboea with their greed. They work from the shadows, controlling the nation with bribery and blackmail. They're the reason I need the taxation records from that warehouse. I'm following a parchment trail which I believe will lead me to the person behind it all. But I'm too old to be breaking into guarded warehouses. Perhaps the shine on my drachmae can convince you to do it for me?

(Accept – I'll do it for you.)

  • Kassandra: I'll get the records for you.
  • Agapios: Perhaps there is someone left in Euboea who can be trusted.

(If players choose "Where can I find the records?")

  • Kassandra: Where can I find the records you're looking for?
  • Agapios: I'll need a lot of evidence to find the person behind The Dagger—one set of records won't be enough. They'll be scattered around the warehouse... And be sure to check the guard captain—anything important, he'll have on him.

(If players choose "Who is the leader of The Dagger?")


Agapios talking to Kassandra

  • Kassandra: What can you tell me about the man behind The Dagger?
  • Agapios: Other than he may not be a man? Only his reputation is known—cruel, driven by greed... A living noose around the neck of Euboea. If we can't find out who he is and stop him, our fate is that of Eretria's: total ruin.

(If players choose "Why are they called The Dagger??")

  • Kassandra: The Dagger—dramatic name. Any particular reason?
  • Agapios: They stab at Euboea without honor—from the shadows, unseen, bleeding our nation of its lifeblood. A dramatic name, perhaps—but apt.

(If players choose "Leave – I have enough information.")

  • Kassandra: I'll find the records. The guards won't stand a chance.
  • Agapios: They don't deserve a chance. For Euboea to survive, corruption and those who spread it must be crushed. I'll wait for you here.

Before leaving, Kassandra spoke to Agapios once more.

  • Agapios: You're back—but where are the records? Without them, I'll never uncover the leader of The Dagger!

Kassandra left. Surveying Chalkis with the help of Ikaros, she found a guarded quarter of the city.

  • Kassandra: The warehouse grounds.

Kassandra infiltrating the warehouse grounds

Ikaros continued surveying and identified the warehouse.

  • Kassandra: The warehouse.

Circling some more, Ikaros spotted the docks.

  • Kassandra: The warehouse dock.

Kassandra infiltrated the warehouse grounds.

  • Kassandra: Now to find those records.

On a table near the docks, she found a tax record.

  • Kassandra: Records of the trades Euboea's made in the last 6 months. Maybe the identity of The Dagger's leader is in here?

Kassandra left the docks and headed inside the warehouse, where she recovered a ship manifest on a shelf.

  • Kassandra: Maybe this will help Agapios identify The Dagger's leader.

Kassandra sneaked up on the guard captain, killing him. On his body, she recovered a customer record.

  • Kassandra: Records of ship names—what docked where and when. This might help Agapios.

Kassandra returning to Agapios

Having found what she needed, Kassandra departed the warehouse and returned to Agapios near the market.

  • Kassandra: I've found the records, Agapios.
  • Agapios: My master will be pleased.
  • Kassandra: You're a slave?!
  • Agapios: Do I not look as you expect? Yes, misthios, I am a slave—but I am not without dignity. The local magistrate is my master, and I'm his most trusted servant.

  • Kassandra: I would rather die than be a slave.
  • Agapios: Not all have the luxury of choice, friend.

  • Kassandra: We do what we have to to survive.
  • Agapios: Exactly. I don't blame my father for selling me into slavery, it's what he had to do. It got me out of my old life, and gave me a chance at a better one.

  • Agapios: Nobody chooses to be a slave. But being one provides me food, shelter, safety, and security. Especially now, with Euboea all but run by The Dagger. They cannot see past their greed., and if they go unchecked we may all end up as slaves.

Kassandra considers Agapios' words

Kassandra pondered on Agapios' words.

  • Agapios: If uncovering the identity of The Dagger's leader and finally stopping them sounds like something you'd be interested in, meet me and my master in the Slave Market.
  • Kassandra: I'll think about it.

Agapios departed.


Kassandra helped Agapios to recover documents from the guarded warehouse which could help me to identify the identity of The Dagger's leader.


  • Kassandra seemingly identifies the warehouse twice, even though the second subject recognized is actually the warehouse captain.
  • The title of the memory is a reference to a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to French physicist Jean-Baptiste Le Roy, that "[N]othing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."



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