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Death and Disorder was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


At the suggestion of her mother Myrrine, Kassandra hunted down the assassins of the Cult of Kosmos.


Kassandra followed Myrrine to the symposium, only to overhear her arguing with Aspasia about her safety, with Timo nearby.

  • Aspasia: It doesn't matter where I got the information.
  • Myrrine: You should know by now that I'm not one to follow orders blindly.
  • Aspasia: You are a brave warrior, Myrrine. But ignoring this danger is foolishness. These...
  • Myrrine: I know who they are.
  • Aspasia: Then you know the danger you're in.
  • Myrrine: I would like to know what makes you so certain they're coming.

Kassandra approached them.

  • Aspasia: Did you not hear what I said? These are their most skilled killers. You cannot stay in the public eye. They'll find you.
  • Myrrine: I understand you perfectly. But I also need to be seen. The propagandist did his job well. I need more support to attack Paros.

While talking, Myrrine smiled and waved at the people.

  • Aspasia: I've seen too many people die already. Please, come away from here.
  • Kassandra: Aspasia? What brings you here?
  • Myrrine: Kassandra! Read the room, my dear...

Myrrine winked at her daughter.

  • Kassandra: I'm interrupting. Please, continue your discussion. It sounds fascinating.
  • Aspasia: I've just come to tell your mother that the Cult's elite forces are after her, and that this place is too open.
  • Myrrine: And I've been telling Aspasia I need to appear in public to maintain the support of the citizens.

  • Kassandra: What's this about the Cult sending soldiers?
  • Myrrine: Play along. The people here need convincing that I'm still a worthy leader. Aspasia is trying to have me hide myself away.
  • Aspasia: She is under threat of assassination. My sources say the elite forces are already in Naxos. I cannot watch this happen again.

  • Kassandra: You want me to handle the Cult's soldiers?
  • Myrrine: Not only that. My people won't believe Paros is behind this without proof. I need you to find it.
  • Kassandra: Of course.
  • Myrrine: Good. And I'll make the rounds here, shore up my support.
    Be careful. They're dangerous.
  • Kassandra: I know.
  • Aspasia: I'll get her out of here safely.

(If players asked "Where do I find these killers?")

  • Kassandra: Where do your sources say I should start looking?
  • Aspasia: I'd try the caves under Mt. Zas. The Cultists are so enamored with their own mysticism. It's predictable enough for them.

(If players asked "What 'proof' do you think I'll find?")

  • Kassandra: I don't think anyone sent to kill you is going to admit who they're working for.
  • Myrrine: You're right. Physical proof is better. I'm sure you can find it.

(Leave - "I'll go now.")

  • Kassandra: Of course. I'd be happy to help you both. I'll see you again later.

Kassandra left the two and rode south for the peak of Mt. Zas. With the help of Ikaros, she found the entrance.

  • Kassandra: A cave entrance. They're in there.

Kassandra navigated the cave, unhindered by the Athenian soldiers within, and made her way to a crack in the wall at the back. She slipped through to a secret shrine with curious architecture, where two Cult soldiers were praying to a statue of the god Zeus. She killed the soldiers and inspected their remains.

  • Kassandra: Drachmae. All stamped with the seal of Paros. And a letter? In some kind of code.
ACOD Death and Disorder - Kassandra Returns

Kassandra returning from her mission

Kassandra made her way out of the cave and back to Myrrine's villa to report to the women. She tossed the pouch onto the table.

  • Kassandra: The Cult's soldiers were paid with drachmae from Paros.
  • Myrrine: Well. I could hardly ask for clearer proof. This will settle some scores.

Myrrine addressed Timo, tossing the bag of coins to her.

  • Myrrine: Take these to the merchants' guild. Tell them it's the proof I promised. And tell them... they can keep the coins.
  • Timo: Of course.
ACOD Death and Disorder -Cultist Scroll

Cultist scroll placed on the table

Timo took the pouch. Kassandra rolled the letter across the table.

  • Kassandra: There was also this. I assume it's their orders.

Aspasia opened the letter and pored it over for a while.

  • Aspasia: I recognize this. It's an old dialect. The Cult must use it to communicate with one another.
  • Kassandra: You can read it?
  • Aspasia: This money isn't from Silanos. It's from someone in Sparta.
  • Myrrine: That's not possible.
  • Aspasia: I can translate it for you. But these orders come from a Spartan king.
  • Myrrine: The Spartan nobility has always resisted the Cult!
  • Aspasia: The Cult is like water. Any crack in the stone and they'll get in.
  • Myrrine: Sparta stands against corruption!

  • Kassandra: How can you say that after all Sparta has done to you? They tore apart our family! They welcomed the Cult with open arms.
  • Myrrine: Why do you keep saying "they"?

  • Kassandra: Sparta has changed since we were there. Corruption spreads everywhere, as Aspasia says - even to Sparta. They want to instill discipline across the Greek world while they rot from within. They're focused on the wrong enemy.

ACOD Death and Disorder - Myrrine Making Her Decision

Myrrine deciding to return to Sparta

  • Myrrine: I am still Spartan.

She raised her gaze to Kassandra.

  • Myrrine: And so are you.
  • Aspasia: Are you really?
  • Myrrine: I have responsibilities here. Paros needs to be stopped.
    But then? Yes, I will go back.


Kassandra found the would-be-assassins and killed them. In doing so, she found proof that not only was Silanos supporting the Cult of Kosmos, but so was one of the kings of Sparta.



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