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Death Stalks the Colonel was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie met with Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry Raymond in Southwark.


  • Henry: There you are! This could be interesting. There's no shortage of firearms in this neighborhood!
  • Arthur: I suspect the solution will turn on geometry, timing and human nature!
  • Henry: There may be a penny dreadful in it! Look into it, won't you?

Jacob or Evie started their investigation.


Munitions factory

  • Hassett (Prescott): He was a good man. Very honorable. I'm proud to have served under Colonel Prescott in the 11th Foot, Gold Coast, Africa.
  • Hassett (shooting): I was on my way here. Heard two shots, I did. Right at the stroke of noon.
  • Hassett (clock): Bullet hole in the clock? That's a new one. It could have already been there when I arrived at noon. Or maybe it was the second shot I heard.
  • Hassett (banner): Prescott put that up in memory of the time he lead a sortie across the Pra River to outflank Ashanti warriors. Things turned out badly that day. Horrific. We lost several of our comrades. Prescott wanted us to remember them.
  • Abberline (shooting): From what I can gather, Prescott was shot almost exactly at twelve o'clock noon.
  • Abberline (suspect): The young lads across the street were fooling with a pistol they'd found. A bullet must have gone astray through the wooden fence. Hit Mr. Prescott smack in the chest. Bloody unlucky for all concerned.
  • Abberline (clock): Apparently they put the clock there while doing some repairs. It still runs, I notice.
  • Abberline (factory): When Col. Prescott retired from the army, he used his connections and started this munitions factory. He wanted the men that served with him to have work when they left the army.


  • Curtis (Prescott): Him and me liked to insult each other. I was a lieutenant under his command in Africa. I loved the army, no one questions you when you wear a uniform! Anyways, every morning when he arrived, we'd call out and joke with each other.
  • Curtis (military): Ah, yeh. Well. Prescott led a flanking sortie that went wrong, lots of casualties. Some men called the Colonel a coward, but it were really just bad luck. Anyway, he resigned. To make amends, he offered work at his factory whenever one of us left the army.
  • Curtis (attic): I admit it. I sell stolen rifles and pistols. All very hush-hush. Black market.
  • Curtis (shooting): I made that shot. Early this morning, Prescott challenged me to plug the 12 from my shop. I missed just low. No one witnessed it, it was too early in the morning.
  • Curtis (Whitworth): I brought that gun back from Africa. I was a sniper fighting the Ashanti. I used that gun this morning for Prescott's challenge. It's the only Whitworth we have, I'd never sell it.


  • Earl (shooting): We stood right there on a mark and shot the target. I went to shoot but there was a loud bang! I was surprised and missed the target completely. It wasn't me who killed the man, I'm no murderer!
  • Earl (gun): We found a revolver underneath the lumberyard window. Don't know where it come from.

Barrel depot

  • Bennett (Prescott): Saw him each morning as I drove by. Seemed like a good sort.
  • Bennett (beer): We lost an entire barrel of beer, damn it! I heard two loud bangs, but thought nothing of it. Later, I find a bullet hole in a barrel! Imagine that, a bullet hole! My lad, Samuel, might know more. He's around back, tossing trash in the river.
  • Bennett (Samuel): The poor lad. Fell on my doorstep a few years ago. He's in a bad way, has some sort of malady. Rides in the back while I make deliveries. Hard worker - very determined.
  • Samuel (Prescott): I just drop off beer. Don't pay much attention to people along the way.
  • Samuel (beer): There was a hole in a barrel. I've got no explanation for that.
  • Samuel (disease): That's for some sickness I picked up a while ago. Can't remember the name of it.


Munitions factory

  • Prescott's body - Louis Prescott. Killed by a single bullet that entered his chest, passed directly through his heart, and exited from his back.
  • Bloodstain - Spread in a way that indicates the direction of the bullet.
  • Banner - The banner for the 11th Regiment of Foot. Marked "Gold Coast - Ashanti Campaign."
  • Clock - There is a hexagon-shaped bullet lodged exactly below the numeral 12. The clock is still running.
  • Bullet hole - A hole made by a hexagonal bullet. The hole is bloody.
  • Feather - A single white feather.
  • Dynamite crates - Empty munitions crates clearly marked "Prescott Munitions No. 408."


  • Bullet hole - Indicates that the bullet exited the courtyard.
  • Target - Handmade by the orphans.
  • Mark - The place the children stood when firing at the target.
  • Impact mark - Appears a small, heavy object may have fallen here. Perhaps a revolver.
  • Beer - A large puddle of beer. Other puddles continue along the street.


  • Whitworth Rifle - The first sniper rifle. Has an astonishing accuracy. This particular one smells as though it's been fired within the past few hours. Also, a regimental insignia is carved into the stock: "11th Regiment of Foot - Gold Coast."

Barrel depot

  • Empty barrel - There is a round hole through one of the panels. Inside is a spent bullet. The caliber of the bullet matches the orphan's revolver.
  • Medicine - Treatment for trypanosomiasis, a disease transmitted by tsetse flies in Africa.
  • Goose - A partially plucked dead, white goose.
  • Backpack - The flap bears the insignia of the 11th Regiment of Foot.


Samuel was accused of the murder.

  • Samuel: His goddamn cowardice in Africa got me best friends killed. He shoulda faced a firing squad.
  • Arthur: Very good sleuthing on your part. It's a miracle anyone survived what with all those bullets whizzing about!



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