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Deanna Geary (died 2017) was a member of the Medical Team working at Abstergo Industries' Discovery and Acquisitions facility in Philadelphia.


On 16 December 2013, Geary was assigned to extract the DNA of Milton Jones by inserting his blood into a blood vial, which was later found to contain the genetic memories of Adéwalé, an 18th-century pirate-turned-Assassin.[1]

Over the course of her career Deanna befriended Layla Hassan, and in October 2017 the pair were assigned to find an artifact or person of importance to Abstergo in Egypt. During this excursion, Deanna stayed in a hotel while Layla traveled to the Qattara Depression, and as Layla failed to make regular contact with Abstergo, they dispatched Sigma Team to storm the hotel that Deanna was staying in. Layla overheard gunshots via their comm-link, and then Deanna's side went dark, with Deanna's fate unknown.[2]


A year later, during his confrontation with Layla in the Throne Room of Atlantis, Juhani Otso Berg confirmed that Deanna was killed.[3]


  • Throughout Origins, it is hinted that there is a possible romance between Deanna and Layla, as when Layla first comes out of the Animus, Deanna refers to her as "sweetheart" (though it was mainly to get a reaction out of her); however, following her apparent death by Abstergo, Layla mournfully addresses her as "sweetheart", while also lamenting how she should've listened to her.




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