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Deadly Little Secrets was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra entered the experimentation chamber to find out where the humans were taken.


Kassandra travelled to the Garden of Kymopoleia, approaching the entrance to the chamber.

  • Kassandra: This looks like the perfect place to hide missing humans. Locked. But I think I know what opens this.

Kassandra took out the two disk fragments and put them together. She then placed the completed disk on a small pedestal on the left, unlocking the gate.

  • Kassandra: The more complicated the key, the bigger the secret.

Kassandra entered the vault and navigated her way through to a courtyard, which she found to be heavily guarded.

  • Kassandra: Someone really doesn't want any visitors.
ACOD Deadly Little Secrets - Kassandra Entering Laboratory

Kassandra arriving at the laboratory

After sneaking through, she arrived at a testing room, where she came upon replicas of the mythical creatures she encountered in Greece, including the Minotaur, the Cyclops, the Writhing Dread and the Sphinx.

  • Kassandra: What... is this?

She then turned around and found a tube containting numerous humanoid creatures.

  • Kassandra: Maláka!

She then heard a voice talking to her.

  • Aita: I've been waiting for you, Kassandra. Welcome to the birthplace of legends.
  • Kassandra: Who said that? Show yourself!
  • Aita: My name is Aita. I am a scientist. And in many ways these are my children.
  • Kassandra: You created the minotaur, the cyclops, the writhing dread? They're monsters.
  • Aita: Are we not all monsters? Imperfect being striving towards our ultimate potential? Is that not why you are here?

  • Kassandra: I'm here because a little boy's parents are missing, and all signs point to you.
  • Aita: How very human of you.

  • Kassandra: I'm here to judge Atlantis. And right now, things are not looking very good.
  • Aita: Look closer.

Kassandra watched as the humanoid creatures disintegrated. She proceed further, fighting a group of the creatures along the way. Eventually, she reached another room.

  • Kassandra: Damades? Rhene? Are you here?
  • Rhene: Over here! We're here!
ACOD Deadly Little Secrets - Captive Humans

Kassandra finding the human captives

Kassandra found them and numerous other humans held behind a barrier.

  • Damades: Please help us.

(If Lyra survives in the memory In Dreams)

  • Lyra: Dikastes! You're here.
  • Kassandra: Lyra? What are you doing here?
  • Lyra: They came for me in the night. I'll never be safe.


  • Kassandra: Don't worry, I'm getting everyone out of here.
ACOD Deadly Little Secrets - Aita Arrival

Aita arrived

An individual approached Kassandra.

  • Aita: Didn't anyone teach you it's cruel to lie?
  • Kassandra: What? What's cruel is abducting and experimenting on these people.
  • Aita: Without sacrifice, there can be no progress. Without experimentation, there can be no perfection.
  • Kassandra: You're breaking Poseidon's law.
  • Aita: I am advancing knowledge for the betterment of Atlantis. Poseidon's lack of vision keeps us in darkness. But we are close. So very close.

  • Kassandra: Humans are not animals to be caged and tortured.
  • Aita: We created them to serve us. That is their sole purpose.

  • Kassandra: Atlantis is on the brink of war because of Isu who think like you.
  • Aita: Which is why we are properly arming ourselves.

  • Kassandra: The smartest people I've met don't resort to violence.
  • Aita: Did you not nearly raze Elysium to the ground in the pursuit of knowledge?

  • Kassandra: Let these people go.
  • Aita: It's too late for them. Project Olympos has already begun. One human escaped before the transformation was complete and lives were lost. This won't happen again. Surely you understand.

Aita looked at Lyra, who look down.

  • Kassandra: Lyra. She took her own life after what you did to her.

  • Aita: So, you've seen the beast she becomes.
  • Kassandra: I'm getting these people out of here.
  • Aita: But... don't you want to know what's behind this door?

  • Kassandra: All right, I'll play. Tell me.
  • Aita: Why tell you when I could show you? Just know to enter the chamber is to forfeit their lives. You cannot have both.

  • Kassandra: I won't play your little games. I'm getting these people out of here.
  • Aita: So, you would choose to let your small-minded morality hinder your progress.

  • Kassandra: What if I just killed you, set these people free, and broke through your stupid door?
ACOD Deadly Little Secrets - Kassandra Tossing Spear

Kassandra throwing her spear

Aita smiled. Kassandra threw her Spear at him. However, the spear simply phased through and dropped to the ground. Aita laughed.

  • Aita: You can't kill me, Kassandra.

Aita began levitating. Kassandra walked over to her spear and stomped on it to flip it up to her waiting hand.

  • Aita: I can see you're struggling. What if I told you the greatest achievement in Atlantis is behind that door? And that we owe that achievement to you?
  • Kassandra: What are you talking about?
  • Aita: Through there is a path to immortality. For you. For us. Embrace your legacy—forget these miserable humans. Abandon morality, and the answers to all your questions are just beyond that door.
  • Rhene: Please! Save us or we'll die.

Aita angrily phased through the barrier, threatening Rhene.

  • Aita: You will be reborn!

He returned to Kassandra.

  • Aita: Don't you want to know why you're really here? Free the people and this door will remain closed to you forever. Pass through, however, and it will lock behind you—these rats will be mine. What will it be, Dikastes, their lives, or your destiny?

  • Kassandra: I'm sorry.
  • Rhene: No! Please!
  • Damades: Don't leave!

Kassandra went through the door, discovering multiple clones of herself.

ACOD - Deadly Little Secrets - clones

Kassandra discovering clones of herself

  • Kassandra: What? No... impossible.

Aita spoke to Kassandra through voice as she looked through the clones.

  • Aita: You. It was always you. Human. Isu. Perfection. The Isu blood coursing through your human body makes you the perfect vessel. It has endowed you with their resilience, and our consciousness. More so than any of my creations, you are what Project Olympos was always meant to be. The ultimate weapon.' Imagine if we controlled an army of you—the inevitable war between the humans and the Isu would be over in a heartbeat.

  • Kassandra: Not if I cut down every last one of these things.
  • Aita: Don't waste your energy. We can always create more.

  • Kassandra: These "vessels" are empty. Your project has failed. And soon, you will be dead.
  • Aita: Entertaining to the end.

  • Kassandra: These experiments have gone too far. Poseidon's going to hear about this.

  • Kassandra: Fuck your door. I promised a little boy I'd bring his parents home, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Kassandra moved towards the barrier while Aita sighed in disappointment.

  • Aita: Very disappointing. No matter. if there are two things Atlantis has in ample supply, it is adamant and humans.
ACOD Deadly Little Secrets - Kassandra Release Barrier

Kassandra freeing the humans

Kassandra removed a power source on a pedestal near the barrier, deactivating it.

  • Kassandra: Come on, let's get out of here.
  • Damades: Thank you, Dikastes.
  • Rhene: I'll get to see Alkon again.
  • Kassandra: Hurry!
ACOD Deadly Little Secrets - Kassandra Damades Rhene

Damades and Rhene outside the chamber

The human captives escaped the chamber. As Kassandra directed the humans, a figure looked at her alongside Aita, before disappearing through the door. Kassandra then followed the humans outside.

  • Rhene: How can we ever repay you?
  • Kassandra: Tell your son if an Isu ever calls him a rat again, Dikastes Kassandra will deal with them personally.

Rhene and Damades left.

  • Kassandra: Poseidon lied to me. They've been experimenting on humans this whole time.


Kassandra discovered that human experimentations had been performed despite a law passed by Poseidon to ban experimentations.




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