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Deadly Game was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Templar Knights are everywhere in Acre. These are the elite of the Templar order, their most dangerous soldiers. If Altaïr were to attempt his assassination now, he may not make it out alive.

They are not just dangerous to him, however; our every moment in the city we are at risk because of these armored hounds. They need to be culled.

We will scour the streets of them, and remove their threat from over our heads.


The Levantaine Assassins met inside Acre Citadel.

  • Levantine Assassin 1: The Templars have doubled the guard on the city's rooftops. Altaïr will have trouble reaching his targets.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: We need to thin out the Templar presence, especially their knights.

The Levantine Assassins eliminated the Crusader forces and two Templar knights stationed on the city's battlements and rooftops, clearing the way for Altaïr, who ran along a walkway and retrieved a Templar flag from a bell-tower balcony, before running onto an empty rooftop. Dropping from the city walls, the Assassins killed the last Templar knight, and looting the pockets of the corpse's uniform, the Assassins found a note.

  • Levatine Assassin 3: I have something here.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: What is it?
  • Levantine Assassin 1: A friend of Montferrat's, named Isembart, is coming to the city to serve as his bodyguard. A knight renowned for his prowess in battle and feared by allies and foes alike.
  • Levantine Assassin 3: Our brother is a skilled swordsman, but if by some twist of fate he must face the swords of both Montferrat AND this beast... it is too risky.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: Yes. We must not allow Sir Isambert to reach Montferrat's side! It says here he will soon be arriving by ship.
  • Levantine Assassin 1: Then let us away to the docks! We need to intercept and eliminate him!

The Levantine Assassins headed towards the city's docks to preemptively eliminate Isembart.


The Levantine Assassins eliminated the Crusaders and Templar knights in Acre, and were made aware that Monferrat had hired a Templar knight to be his bodyguard.


  • Despite 100% synchronization requiring that both treasure chests be unlocked, this feat is impossible in-game as there is no way to access the second chest. The first chest is in the highest room of the main tower, with the Assassins exiting on the roof and being unable to descend, while the second chest is in the tower's underground store room which is only accessible from the ground level.



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